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    Where WhatsApp saves photos, videos and media

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    Some of you will be having memory problems on your smartphone because of all those multimedia files that you receive on Whatsapp, and that no one knows where they end up! Then the question arises: where does WhatsApp save the photos? In the following guide we will explain step by step how to identify - and delete - the photos and all the other files we receive via WhatsApp, in order to delete many useless files and free up a lot of space from your smartphone.

    WhatsApp: where do you save photos and videos?

    Let's start by saying that there are two answers to this question. WhatsApp, in fact, by default is programmed to save photos and videos within the WhatsApp folder that you find inside the Gallery of your mobile phone. So look for the “Gallery”, “Photos” application or in any case that application on your smartphone in which you can see all your photos taken or saved.

    Alternatively, if you can't find it, you can download one from the Play Store.

    Inside the Gallery, as in the photos above, look for the folders “WhatsApp Images” e "WhatsApp Videos", in which all the photos and videos received are saved. From here you can select and delete all the photos and videos that you are not interested in or that you no longer need.

    And all the rest?

    As you know, WhatsApp saves any multimedia content you receive (unless you prevent it) and saves them in the memory of your smartphone. I'm talking about photos sent / received, videos sent / received, audio sent / received, documents sent / received and so on. The only way to access all these files is to browse the memory of your mobile phone with the help of a File Manager, a file manager that allows you to see the folders inside the memory of your smartphone.

    If you have one already installed, open it, or alternatively download one from the Play Store.

    The "WhatsApp" folder

    Once the file manager is open, go to the internal memory of the device. Inside it you will find folders such as: Android, Download, DCIM surplus. If you scroll down a bit, you will also find a folder named "Whatsapp", enter it. Inside the WhatsApp folder you will find other folders.

    The one where all the multimedia files are saved is precisely the folder “Media”, which in turn contains other subfolders with inside the files we want to delete.

    Among all the subfolders there are at least 3 of which you can certainly do without, and then permanently delete: “Statuses” (which contains images of the Whatsapp states we have visited), “Profile Photos” (where the profile pictures you watch are saved) e “Voice Notes” (where there are all the voice notes sent and received, absolutely useless).

    Delete them but first check if they contain files that interest you.

    NB The other folders are also full of files that you probably don't need. We recommend, periodically, to visit them and delete all unnecessary files such as: Documents, photos and videos sent or received, audio files sent or received, and so on.

    If you need clarification or help, feel free to leave a comment below.

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