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    WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: the differences

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    WhatsApp Business is the new application designed specifically for company profiles. The new instant messaging app allows hotels, shops and various services to communicate with their customers quickly and easily. But what are the differences with the regular version of WhatsApp?

    Basically they do not differ much in terms ofappearance, except for the fact that it is colored blu. The Business version works in the same way as the traditional application. However, some functions have been implemented that are suitable for managing your business.

    Can I use the same number as the traditional account?

    You cannot use it same number phone number with which you registered to the account traditional. For this reason you will have to request theactivation of a new number, or use an existing one to use the Business version. If you want to use the two accounts on the same device, you need a smartphone Dual-SIM.

    If, on the other hand, you want to use the Business account with the traditional account number, you can uninstall WhatsApp and register with that number on the business version. later you can import chats, photos and videos from your previous account.

    First registration and configuration

    Compared to the normal version, the initial procedure of registration e configuration It is different. You will need to enter the name of the activity and, optionally, a image of the profile. However, once entered, it will no longer be possible change the company name. Therefore it cannot be changed in the future.

    Activity settings

    The function Activity settings is the one that allows WhatsApp Business to strongly differentiate itself from the other version. just go in Menu> Settings> Activity Settings.

    In this new section you will be offered a series of options useful for your business.

    • Profile: it will be possible to modify your profile, with photo, address, category.
    • Stats: messages sent, received, delivered and read can be taken into account.
    • Messaggio d'assenza: automatic absence messages can be set.
    • Welcome message: automatic welcome messages can be set.
    • Quick answers: You can create a set of quick replies to use when communicating with users.

    These are the options that distinguish the Business version from the traditional one.

    If you want to know more about this new application, you can consult our in-depth guide.

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