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    WhatsApp status: everything you need to know

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    WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp status and panic immediately arose among the many users of the application. Lately it would seem that Mark Zuckerberg has a single word in his head consisting of 6 letters: Stories. After having largely taken a cue from the philosophy on which Snapchat is based, the US entrepreneur has implemented the functionality in question on all his social networks investing a lot to ensure that users can get used to its use as soon as possible.

    The first social network that saw the introduction of the Stories was Instagram, with the amazement and consequent appreciation of all its users.

    Later it was the turn of Facebook where, for many, it doesn't seem to make much sense. Last on the list is WhatsApp, where the stories came with a different name, namely State. Since this is a messaging service, however, the arrival of the new mode is considered a bit out of place given the actual use made of WhatsApp.

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    What is a WhatsApp Status

    As you have noticed, the name of the new implementation on the messaging service is different, going from Stories to State. This is because the photos and videos that we are going to upload will replace what until now was the simple textual state.

    Where, then, is the news? From this moment on it will be possible to share photos and videos immediately, collecting them in your country and they will remain there for 24 hours, after which they will be deleted automatically.

    How to create a state

    With the new WhatsApp update, the interface looks a little different, with a changed tab division. Now, in fact, they are present are present 3 distinct sections, namely Chat, Status and Calls. At the top left, then, the camera icon appears that will allow you to take pictures more immediately and decide whether to add them to your status or send them to one of your contacts.

    As it normally happens in chat, even in the State it is possible to take photos in real time and add others already present in your gallery. After deciding the photo to publish, then, you can use the tools made available by WhatsApp to draw, add writings, emojis and indulge yourself as you see fit.

    So, in summary, to add an update to the status you have to:

    1. Going up State.
    2. Touch the icon state
    3. Now choose whether to take a new photo, record a video or want to add existing content from your gallery. Once you have decided, tap on sending.

    How to color a WhatsApp status

    WhatsApp not only allows you to upload photos and videos as a temporary status but also to color it. To do this you simply have to choose the relative option but for more info we recommend you read our following dedicated article.

    Change State Privacy

    Since the messaging service in question is linked to our phone number, it is possible that in our address book there are contacts with whom we do not want to share particular information.

    The Status function, as well as the Stories, are often a window into our daily life and it is right to be able to decide which people have access to this kind of data. Well, by going to the Status tab and tapping on the 3 dots at the top right we can access the settings that regulate the Privacy of this function.

    To change the privacy go to:

    1. State.
    2. Menu > State privacy.
    3. Choose who can see your updates.

    Here we can decide whether to share photos and videos with everyone, whether to delete some contacts from the list or whether to send everything exclusively to a select few.

    CAUTIONAny changes to the privacy settings do not apply to status updates already sent.

    Furthermore, if you have deactivated read receipts (i.e. the double blue check) you will not be able to see who has seen your status update. If one of your contacts has double blue ticks disabled, you will not be able to see if they have displayed your status.

    How to delete a state

    After having published a state we may want to decide to delete it, either because it was published by mistake or because you change your mind. To do this, just go to the newly published status and tap on the eye symbol below.

    In the tab that will open, you can see which of your contacts has viewed the status you have published and you can decide whether to send it as a private message to someone in particular or, by tapping on the trash can icon, decide to delete it completely.

    Disable a status update

    You may not know it but you can also disable an update to the WhatsApp status of a specific contact. This way it will not be displayed at the top of the status list.

    To disable a status update, do the following:

    1. Go on State.
    2. Touch and hold the contact's status update.
    3. Touch disable.

    To activate a status update:

    1. Go on State.
    2. Scroll down to see the states Deactivated, then tap and hold your contact's status update.
    3. Touch Attiva.

    What is that green circle?

    If you see a green circle around the status of your contact, it means that that person has uploaded multiple photos as a WhatsApp status and not just one. If the circle is green and gray, it means that you have already looked at some of your contact's WhatsApp status photos but you are missing more. When the circle is all gray, you have already looked at all the contact's photos.

    What does the dot next to the entry "State" mean?

    If a dot appears next to the "status" item, ie the one between the chat and call items, it means that some of your contacts have added or updated a new WhatsApp status (and therefore there are updates that you can view).

    That's all! If you have any problems or questions to ask us, the invitation is, as always, to leave a comment below.

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