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    WhatsApp profiles without photos: why have they disappeared?

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    You have also happened to text with your friends but to see theirs WhatsApp profile without photos? It happens often to me and - apparently - succeeds on both Android and iPhone and iPad. However, you should be aware that there can be many reasons that could cause this problem. Sometimes, even in WhatsApp there is a whole list of contacts and conversations where the photo for the WhatsApp profile is not seen.

    In this article we have collected all the possible solutions to solve the problem and we are ready to show you all of them.

    Before proceeding with the solution of your problem, let's clarify and analyze what could be the causes. If you see WhatsApp profiles without photos in fact, it is not necessarily the fault of your WhatsApp, but it could even be one privacy features. But let's proceed with order.

    You have been reported / blocked

    The fact that you are unable to see your friends' profile photos may be due to the fact that you have been blocked. Obviously in this case you would not be able to see only the profiles of the people who reported / blocked you, and not all of them. Therefore if you see WhatsApp profile pictures without photos, then this is probably not your case.

    In this regard, I invite you to take a look at this guide for understand who blocked you on WhatsApp and find out if your problem is related to this or not:

    Connection problems

    I am quite convinced that the majority of people who see WhatsApp profiles without photos, very simply have gods connection problems! 

    As I had already explained in the past, WhatsApp servers need one stable connection to function properly. This does not mean that you must have a powerful and fast connection, the important thing is that it is stable.

    If for example yours Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, or you are using mobile data while in the car (so the signal of your smartphone changes constantly), then you may have stability problems and the app is unable to load WhatsApp profile photos since must prioritize your messages and not photos !!

    Hidden WhatsApp profile photo (Privacy)

    You may not know it, but with recent updates WhatsApp has introduced the possibility of extend your privacy allowing you to show your information only to certain people (or nobody!).

    So it's possible that if you only see a few WhatsApp profiles without photos, maybe it's because those contacts have decided not to show this type of information to you. And not only that: you can actually hide other information too! Go to Menu -> Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy

    In front you will find a screen where you can manage more aspects of your privacy. You can decide to hide the last login (online/offline), your profile picture, your state o your personal information. Plus you can also see and manage one list of contacts you have blocked o remove read receipts!

    To hide one of this information, simply click on the one you want to hide and decide whether to show it: only to contacts (that you have in your address book), everyone or to nobody. Done!

    Try accessing WhatsApp Web

    If you have not solved the problem so far, and you continue not to see the WhatsApp profile photos, then most likely it is the application that has some problems, but we have to check it out! 

    To check if your WhatsApp has a problem you have to log into your account on another platform, Such as the web version of WhatsApp. Have you never heard of it or have you never used it? Don't worry, it's very simple!

    Go to this address with your PC (by clicking on the red text), you will find a screen similar to the one in the photo below. At the same time, on your smartphone Android o iOS open the menu and click on WhatsApp Web. You will be shown a camera with which frame the QR code on the PC screen.

    At this point you will have connected with your account on the PC and you can use WhatsApp as you always have. If you can see your friends' profile photos from WhatsApp Web however, it does mean that the problem is right on your smartphone. If so, read on and let's move on with the last solution, the most aggressive!

    Damaged WhatsApp folder or Corrupt Updates

    If for some reason the WhatsApp folder has become corrupted, or an update you have made failed generating some problems, it is possible that you will see WhatsApp profiles without photos. To try to solve you can try reinstall WhatsApp on your smartphone.

    Before uninstalling WhatsApp, however, you absolutely must make a backup to save chats and conversations. Once the backup is done, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it.

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