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    WhatsApp hoaxes: Amazon gives iPhone 6S

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    WhatsApp has introduced link previews to make life easier for users, but unfortunately there are those who know how to leverage not very experienced eyes to give rise to real scams.

    This time the chain of fraudulent messages that has been spreading over the past few hours is about Amazon: some users would have received a message containing a link that speaks of an Amazon-sponsored lottery draw, that would be giving away 300 iPhone 6S present in English warehouses and unsaleable due to damage to the original packaging.

    Clicking on the link takes you to a page similar to that of Amazon, just take a look at the web address for realize that it is a fake page; however an inexperienced eye may not notice it and enter your Amazon login credentials, that will go straight into the hands of criminals, potentially enabling them to make purchases using the credit card of unsuspecting users.

    This type of attack is called scam and the whole thing is clearly a hoax: Amazon has not launched any drawing of lots and least of all intends to give the iPhone 6S as a gift; so if you get that message, just stick to warn your friends that it is a hoax and eliminate it immediately.

    If you have fallen victim, the advice is to contact Amazon to decide what to do and possibly block purchases via account and associated credit card (your password may have already been compromised and the contact email changed), explaining how much happened, as well as the competent authorities.

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