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    WhatsApp for tablets: how to install it

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    Using and installing Whatsapp for tablets is not impossible, indeed the installation procedure is very simple. WhatsApp is by its merits, or probably by habit, the most popular instant messaging client on smartphones. It is certainly not the best app of this kind available on the market, but it is the most used. For many, the first step of the podium is firmly Telegram (we have explored the why).

    WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook: it owed its fortune to the simplicity of use, linked to a simple but winning logic. One account, one phone number. So, in order to use WhatsApp, still today it is necessary to have an active phone number and validate it.

    This has always made using WhatsApp for SIM-free tablets, as validation is impossible on a device that cannot receive calls and sms. Let's see how to get around this annoying limit.

    WhatsApp for tablets with SIM

    SIM tablets are often capable of receiving messages and calls. So they would have no theoretical problem with the execution and validation of WhatsApp. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is not always compatible on the Play Store with every tablet.

    So for installation if the play store does not work, you can find the apk from the official website or from aptoide or apk mirror. Downloaded the apk you can install it by following our guide.

    WhatsApp for SIM-free tablets

    The procedure is in fact the same for both Android that for iOS (iPad). And it's not difficult, you simply need a phone or smartphone on which to receive the confirmation code to be entered on the tablet.

    Proceeding in order here is the procedure:

    • Install WhatsApp for tablets (as mentioned above for tablets with SIM).
    • Open the WhatsApp client you installed on tablet.
    • Take a phone, put the SIM with the number you will use on whatsapp, and start the phone.
    • Enter the number of the SIM you want to use on the tablet.
    • You will receive a text message with a code on your phone.
    • Enter the code on the WhatsApp client and at that point you have finished the validation and you can safely use your tablet with WhatsApp.

    You can also turn off the phone and remove the SIM, WhatsApp will continue to work quietly on the tablet. This is possible because the number on WhatsApp is only for validation, after this step it becomes an instant messaging application like any other, and your number becomes just the name of an account.

    Is there another way to use WhatsApp for SIM-free tablets?

    The answer is yes, you can use an account configured on another device using the WhatsApp web service. We have already investigated whatsapp web, consult our guide. To use it without problems WhatsApp web on tablet it is advisable to use the Chrome browser, setting the desktop mode (just tap at the top right, and select the item request desktop site).

    WhatsApp: useful resources

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