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    WhatsApp: emojis and drawings in photos and videos

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    Emojis and drawings in photos and videos arrive on WhatsApp too!

    Today seems to be the official news day for messaging apps! After talking to you about the new gaming platform for Telegram, let's shift our attention to WhatsApp to introduce the news announced by the development team!

    With the update that started today, it will be possible add to photos and videos shared via WhatsApp of text, freehand drawings and to the giant emojis to customize them and make them unique!

    As you can imagine, the icons for adding text, freehand drawings and emojis on images and videos will appear in the sharing panel, alongside those already present for rotation and cropping, when we are going to share a photo or video captured at the moment or already present.

    Whether it's drawing a big red heart to show how much you miss someone, or adding your favorite emoji - sometimes a picture can say a thousand words. 

    But it does not end there, since small and pleasant additions have been made to the WhatsApp camera (and video recorder): the camera now supports front flash if present, it is possible zoom while recording videos (swiping up or down) and, again, switch between front and rear camera by double-tapping the screen.

    Everything is available starting today on WhatsApp for Android and will soon also arrive on WhatsApp for iPhone.

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    Returning to the addition of text and drawings on the images, we would not want to go wrong but we have seen such a feature, recently landed, even somewhere else ...

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