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    WhatsApp chat backup restore error: how to fix

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    You have bought a new smartphone but, while restoring the conversations of WhatsApp, one appeared strange mistake. So look for a solution to try to fix the problem. In this new tutorial today, therefore, we will explain how to fix WhatsApp chat backup restore error taking advantage of some solutions.

    Restart the device

    The first solution that we recommend you use is that of simply restart the device holding the power button and choosing Restart give the menu to compare.

    Su iPhone e iPad it is not possible to carry out this operation directly but you have two paths to follow. The first is to turn off the device and turn it back on shortly after while the second is to take advantage of theAssistiveTouch. It is a utility that allows the user to use theiPhone or l 'iPad if you have difficulty touching the screen or if you need an adaptive accessory.

    That said, you can activate AssistiveTouch very simply by opening the Settings di iOS pressing ongear, tapping on Generali and choosing Accessibilità. Once this is done, identify the section Interaction and press on AssistiveTouch. To enable the feature, bring up ON the switch next to AssistiveTouch.

    At this point, a square floating. Press on, press on the voice Restart and proceed with restarting theiPhone or the 'iPad pressing on Restart. In case the item Restart there was not within the menu of AssistiveTouch, you can add it by always accessing the screen AssistiveTouch as indicated above, by pressing on Edit menu main, tapping on + in gray and selecting Restart from the menu that appears. If all the gray icons are occupied by a feature, you can add one by pressing the + bottom right.

    Check the Wi-Fi network

    If you are still wondering how to fix WhatsApp chats backup restore error, then we suggest you check it out Wi-Fi network status you are connected to, obviously if you are using one.

    Be on Android that of iOS, you can check this if in the top bar (next to the battery percentage) there is thewifi icon. If not, it means that you are not connected to any wireless network.

    To proceed with the connection, on iOS, open the Settings, press on Wi-Fi and press on wireless network name you want to connect to. On Android, on the other hand, pull down the notification curtain, make a long press on theWi-Fi icon and then use the appropriate settings to connect to your preferred network.

    If you still can't connect to the Internet, then most likely it is necessary switch the modem / router off and on again. To do this, simply locate the power button which is usually located on the back of the device. In any case, we recommend that you take a look at the user manual of the network device.

    Are you still having problems? Refer to the guide attached below where you will find all the steps for reset the modem / router.

    Check the data network

    In a very similar way to what we saw with the Wi-Fi, if you are using a Data connection To surf the Internet, you must make sure that your smartphone or tablet is connected correctly.

    To do this, always in the top bar, check if there is an icon 4G, 3G, H+, H o G. If it is not present, it means that your device is not connected to the Internet via the data network, so you will not be able to restore the backup of the chats of WhatsApp.

    To enable the connection, on Android, pull down the notification curtain and tap onicon containing two facets. On iOS, however, open the Settings, tap on Mobile phone and enable the data connection.

    In case you have noticed that the device is correctly connected to the data network, we suggest you check if you have GB available in the active offer. In this case, you will find below some guides that will help you in this.

    Check that there is enough memory available

    resolve the error of restoring WhatsApp chats backup, we suggest you check it too available storage space on your device.

    On Android, open them Settings pressing ongear present on the home screen, in the drawer or by pulling down the notification curtain and then locate the item Storage memory.

    If there is a search field, help with it to find the menu easily. Once this is done, take as a reference the data reported in correspondence with Free space. If there is little available, you will have to delete some things like unused applications, cached files and so on. Below are some tutorials that will surely help you.

    As regards iOS, open the Settings, press on Generali and then tap on Free space iPhone / iPad. Above you will find a graphic which shows you the available storage space.

    If there is little memory available, we recommend that you activate the feature first Remove app that you don't use as it saves space by automatically removing applications you don't use. Don't worry as the data and documents associated with uninstalled software will not be lost.

    To proceed with the activation, press on the item Enable. In case of second thoughts, you can deactivate this feature within the Settings choosing iTunes and App Store and carrying his OFF the switch located next to Remove apps you don't use.

    If you want to recover even more memory, then, always from the menu Free space iPhone / iPad, scroll through the list of applications, locate the one to uninstall and tap it on. Once this is done, press twice consecutively on Delete app to delete both the application and all associated data and documents from your iDevice or twice on Uninstall app to uninstall the application only. For more information, however, we suggest you take a look at the guides below.

    Make sure you use the same phone number used during the backup

    The restoration of chat of the famous messaging app can only be done if the same is present on the smartphone SIMs. (and therefore the same number) that was there during the save phase. So, take out the SIM trolley and make sure there is the right one. If you don't know how, do a Google or YouTube search using the words "how to extract SIM trolley name smartphone".

    Update WhatsApp to the latest version

    How to fix WhatsApp chats backup restore error? Are you still asking yourself this question? Another tip we can give you is to check if there is a new version of the application.

    To do this, open the Google Play Store on Android, make one swipe from the left edge to the right or press on 3 dashes at the top left and choose My apps and my games from the side menu.

    Done this, through the card Updates, locate the section Updates pending and press the button Update present in correspondence of WhatsApp. This means that a new release is available. On iOS, however, open theApp Store, tappate sul menu Updates present at the bottom and then press the button Update inside the box dedicated to WhatsApp.

    Restore a local backup instead of via the cloud

    If you still can't restore your messaging app backup, most likely the file may be corrupt. You can fix this by going to restore a local backup saved on internal memory.

    Usually, this backup file can be easily identified by the name of msgstore.db.crypt12 and is accessible using a simple File Manager (also the one included in the device) and following the path Internal Memory > WhatsApp > Databases. In the event that there are more files, you will have to identify the last one created by taking the date shown as a reference.

    At this point, copy this file to another folder or to your computer and then uninstall the messaging application. Once this is done, proceed with the download and installation from the Google Play Store or from ourApp Store but without starting it.

    Now, open the file manager again and copy the backup file into the Databases folder following the path reported a little while ago. Now you just have to start WhatsApp and follow the steps to restore the backup.

    If you don't know how to save a copy of the WhatsApp on the internal memory of your device, just follow the steps listed below:

    • Open WhatsApp, tap on 3 dots at the top right and choose Settings.
    • Once this is done, click on Chat and choose Backup of chats.
    • At this point, press the button Back up per I will proceed.

    Doubts or problems? We help you!

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