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    WhatsApp buffaloes: the 50 € discount from H&M

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    It is not difficult to fall victim to online scams, especially if there is the promise of obtaining strong discounts in the most famous and loved physical and online stores.

    With this knowledge in mind, some bad guys have WhatsApp hoax started spreading aimed precisely at induce users to unknowingly activate a Premium subscription: unfortunate as unsuspecting protagonist of this story, together with WhatsApp, is the H&M clothing chain.

    But let's understand something more: for a few days now spreads on WhatsApp un link showing the logo of the well-known clothing chain and that promises i was 50€ discount as long as you answer some questions on a web portal.

    By visiting this link you access the aforementioned portal, which asks you to answer four simple questions to obtain the important voucher and, at the end of the procedure, to accept the terms of use to be entitled to it. Needless to tell you that both the link and the page it points to are fake and they are not connected in any way to H&M. 

    In other words, even if you complete the suggested procedure you will not get any discount, indeed, it will be activated a Premium subscription service on your smartphone which will cost you the beauty of € 4.99 per week.

    An attempted scam of which, unfortunately, many users have already fallen victim: once again we there please be careful the links you visit ea do not accept terms of use lightly unless the services are absolutely official and trusted.

    If you have already subscribed to the "fake discount coupon" but the Premium services are disabled on your number then you can rest assured; if, on the other hand, you have seen your available credit decimate or charge unexpected costs in your bill, you will have to contact your operator's customer service or follow our special guide to deactivate the subscription service.


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