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    WhatsApp abroad and international number: how to add it

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    Some users may need to register a international number on WhatsApp. The reasons may be various: maybe we are in the city, but we want to add a foreign number and therefore use WhatsApp abroad. So a doubt arises. Can we add an international number on WhtasApp? The answer is yes and in this guide we will explain the procedure to do it.

    Add an international number on WhatsApp

    When we add a new contact to our address book, it is automatically added to the WhatsApp list. However, in order for it to be saved and recognized, it must be in the correct form, i.e. entered with the correct prefix. The prefix of a number varies depending on the country in which it is registered. If we register an English number (prefix prefix) there is no need to enter the prefix because it will do it automatically.

    As for foreign numbers, they must necessarily be registered with the area code. The symbol must be entered +, followed by the prefix relating to the country and finally the telephone number. For example, if we want to add an English contact, when registering, we have to type + 44465…. (44 is in fact the prefix of the United Kingdom).

    In addition, some specific rules are in force for some countries:

    • If we want to register a number of the UK we must enter the + symbol, the prefix 44 and the telephone number. If immediately after the prefix there are zeros of the local number we must remove them. For example, if we want to add the contact 098712345, we must save him like this .
    • If we want to register a number of theArgentina we must enter +54 before the telephone number. However, all Argentine numbers should have a 9 between the international prefix and the area code. We must therefore remove any local prefix 15 and add a 9. Finally, the number will thus have 15 total digits. For example +54 9 xxx xxx xxxx.
    • If we want to register a number of the Mexico we need to add a 1 between the international prefix, +52, and the local area code. The same thing goes for Nextel numbers.


    As for other countries, remember to put the prefix at the beginning of the telephone number. Paying attention to these steps and these details is essential if we want to correctly register a foreign telephone contact.

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