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    What is the Momo monster circulating on Whatsapp

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    We have often faced scams and scams on this site buffaloes which circulate almost daily on Whatsapp. From the fines that are communicated over the internet, to the far worse viruses that spread through the messaging app, we lacked a monster (Momo) that contacts you via message.

    The particularity of this event has led many users to get scared, but all this is justified terror for Momo, the monster of WhatsApp?

    Momo WhatsApp: is there to be afraid?

    Who wouldn't be scared, at least a little bit, if they got a message from a number foreigner and with a profile picture that is not very recommendable? Well, I believe all. But from the momentary fear to comply with the requests of the "monster" there is really a giant step to take.

    However, some people have decided to execute requests of the unknown sender in order not to risk and sleep peacefully.

    Who is Momo?

    But let's go step by step. Who is Momo? Officially, or at least what we all see, is a "monster" with the deformed face who contacts us asking to forward the message to our contacts, under penalty ... very bad things.

    The message could be received by numbers different with prefix: Japanese (+ 81), Mexican (+521) and gods Netherlands (+ 31).

    Among the reported numbers we have:

    • +81 435102539;
    • +31 345102539;
    • + 521 6681734379.

    The chain of Sant'Antonio

    Obviously, this is not true. Momo is simply one chain of Sant'Antonio which, we have to admit, has been very well designed original.

    It is precisely the fact of being contacted directly by unknown numbers, in fact, which makes the chain special and leads users to believe in it.

    You can, therefore, ignore messages received from these numbers. There is no need to forward messages to your contacts but, of course, there is we do not recommend providing personal information to these unknown senders.

    The response from Whatsapp

    Given the huge spread of the chain in many countries around the world, it seems that Whatsapp has been activated and is taking action towards the people who forward these messages. One more reason not to!

    The origins of Momo

    Ok, once you understand that there is nothing to fear, do you want to know where the scary image of Momo comes from?

    The image represents a work present at Vanilla Gallery, a museum of Tokyo. It is a sculpture humanoid of a bird-woman who now seems to be having fun hurling "curses" on Whatsapp.

    This too, therefore, turned out (thankfully!) To be one of the classic jokes circulating on Whatsapp. If, however, you should receive "doubtful" messages, we invite you to read our in-depth analysis on how to recognize a hoax and, if necessary, contact us on our facebook page.

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