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    What does a blocked WhatsApp contact see?

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    You are wondering what those who are blocked on WhatsApp see? Well then you are in the right place! If you have blocked a contact on WhatsApp because maybe this person has tried to spy on you, and you want to know exactly what happens after the block, know first that blocking a person DON'T you will no longer be able to receive their messages, calls and view their WhatsApp status updates.

    The same goes for the blocked contact, which will no longer receive your personal information, such as status updates and yours last WhatsApp login, theprofile picture and will no longer be able to contact you in any way and vice versa. But there is one thing that doesn't happen after blocking someone: the contact will remain in your Whatsapp list and you too will still be part of his column. The only way to completely delete the blocked contact is to delete it directly from the phone book.

    How to block on WhatsApp

    Let's assume that the guide can be followed by Android and iPhone since the procedure is very similar and particularly simple. So let's get started right away!

    1. Enter the chat of the person you want to block and click on the icon with the three vertical dots () with which you access the chat options;
    2. In the menu that appears, click on Other to view all options, and finally select Block;
    3. At this point, three options will appear: Cancel to go back, Block to block the contact e Report and Block if, in addition to blocking it, you want to report this person if it bothered you or send virus messages.

    All done: this is how to block contacts on WhatsApp in the easiest and fastest way there is.

    Blocking WhatsApp contact: alternative procedure

    Alternatively you can block a person on WhatsApp also by following another route - in case you do not want to open the chat with that person - which allows you to block several people at the same time:

    1. Opening WhatsApp, go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy;
    2. Now go to "Contacts blocked";
    3. All you have to do is click the little man symbol at the top right and then select all the contacts you want to block.

    WhatsApp blocking: what happens if I unblock a contact?

    But what if, after some second thoughts, Do you unlock the previously blocked person again? You should know that even if the contact, during the time period in which it was blocked, will have sent you messages or whatever, once restored you will not receive this information. Furthermore, not even any messages you send to a person who has blocked you will never be delivered.

    How to understand if they blocked me on WhatsApp

    If you block a contact, you are 100% sure of what you have done; the point now is a question that you are surely asking yourself by reading this guide: how to understand if they blocked me on WhatsApp? There are simply methods to do this and we have collected them all in our guide.

    What a blocked WhatsApp contact sees

    Now making a quick summary, let's now see what those who are blocked on WhatsApp see regardless of whether it is used WhatsApp for iOS, For Android Web WhatsApp. Here is the complete list of what a blocked WhatsApp contact can display:

    • All chats, messages and conversations sent and received until the moment of blocking;
    • All media (photos, videos and audio), links, GIFs and shared documents until the moment of blocking;
    • Yours phone number in your WhatsApp address book, but only name and number (without profile picture);
    • call and video call buttons in the chat, which however will not be usable;
    • the code for end-to-end encryption;
    • Keyboard and editor to send and write messages (which, however, will not reach you);
    • Any chat button to forward, reply or delete messages.

    I remind you, once again, that any content (messages, videos, photos and more) will try to send you a blocked WhatsApp contact it will never be received by you. The blocked person will see your chat and every message he sends you will be reflected to him with a single gray tick.

    What a blocked WhatsApp contact does not see

    We told you about it what a blocked WhatsApp contact sees and now we will talk to you instead of what he can't see. Here is the complete list of what a blocked contact does not display:

    • Last Access;
    • Online status;
    • Double gray check mark and double blue check mark;
    • Profile information;
    • Delivery time and reading of messages;
    • WhatsApp Stories (Status Updates)
    • Profile picture;

    Blocking WhasApp contact: what happens in groups?

    If you have blocked a person on WhatsApp but you are both part of a group, know that in the group the blocked contact will be able to see everything you write and send to the group. In this case your only solution is to leave the group.

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