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    We clean up WhatsApp files intelligently with Siftr Magic Cleaner

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    Several times we found ourselves talking about how, among the numerous messaging services present, WhatsApp is the best known and most used, either for ease of use, for the features it offers or, simply, because most of all it has been able to insinuate itself among the habits of users.

    Despite the high number of consents, however, there are some small inevitable problems that make you turn up your nose. After the introduction of groups, in fact, the amount of messages received has increased considerably and, with these, the number of photos and videos considivisi. It goes without saying that, despite all the contents sent via WhatsApp are brutally compressed, over time these accumulate and negatively affect the memory and performance of your smartphone.

    The ideal would be to constantly keep the WhatsApp media file folder clean but, since the user is usually lazy (and here I sadly raise my hand), this scenario is rather unlikely. How, then, can we remedy our laziness? With Siftr Magic Cleaner!

    Clean WhatsApp files

    The strength of this application, in fact, is to recognize what is inside the image, to divide them by category and, based on this, to let you choose which ones to delete. First, let's download the app available for free on the Google Play Store.

    Download| Siftr Magic Cleaner da Google Play Store

    Once installed, it will ask for permissions at startup to access the folders and files on the device. Once granted, the app will start analyzing all the images in memory coming from WhatsApp and will notify those found up to that moment.

    At this point, tapping on the single central button, Siftr Magic Cleaner will start acatalogate images in different categories, such as Screenshots, Food, MEME, Messages and much more simply thanks to its automatic recognition. After the procedure, we can decide whether to delete them all together or one at a time. In addition to working with WhatsApp, the application can also scan and analyze the images captured by our camera

    Let me be clear, it is not exactly infallible but I have been able to ascertain that, as far as I am concerned, there have been few cases in which the images found were incorrectly cataloged. Furthermore, by running the scan several times you will be able to clean your memory of a lot of junk within a few minutes.

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