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    Videos for WhatsApp: where to download them

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    Often times we receive video for Whatsapp really funny, romantic, touching and original. Wondering where these videos come from? Do you also want to circulate a really funny video for once among your Whatsapp friends? The answer is simple, you just have to follow this article where we will list the sites with the best videos to share on Whatsapp.

    You should know that in addition to being sent to your contacts, videos are also useful for WhatsaApp states: you can in fact choose to set a video in your WhatsApp history, which will be visible to your contacts.

    Thanks to one of the latest Whatsapp updates, it is possible to publish statuses (also called WhatsApp stories for the strong similarities with Instagram stories). WhatsApp statuses consist of a series of videos and scrolling images for 24 hours that represent your day, or they can make your profile original through funny, romantic, in short, captivating videos.

    Where to find videos for Whatsapp

    After showing you where to find phrases for WhatsApp status and photos for WhatsApp status, below we want to tell you about some sites and simple methods to find funny videos that you can download or directly share with your WhatsApp friends.


    If you want to share videos on Whatsapp, FunnyPlace is one of the most recommended sources. This site (which you can consult directly with smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads) is characterized by many videos, mainly commercials, you can choose them based on the sections into which they are divided: funny videos, brands, weekly most viewed and monthly video archives, or to shorten the time you can simply search for a video on which you are directed, through the search bar.

    To view a video just click on it and it will appear, then you can share it by clicking on the "Share" item below, continue by choosing the Whatsapp icon and then it will be up to you to decide who to send it to, as you can see the procedure is very easy.

    Bastards inside

    With the BastardiDentro site you will be able to see not only funny videos but also very sarcastic images, jokes and games. In this case, to find the videos just click on the video located at the top, and some really funny ones will appear, just click on your favorite and then on the Whatsapp icon at the bottom and that's it, very easy right?


    The king of social media certainly cannot be missing from our list, often funny and original videos also happen. There are several pages (just a quick turn to find them) that offer not only memes and phrases but also videos.


    Since it opened to videos it has quickly become a mine, it is not the most fashionable social network but it is certainly the baddest and we also like it that way. Among the video sources for the status of WhatsApp or simply to share Twitter can not miss.


    For some it is the social of the moment, in continuous expansion it has recently added the possibility of posting not only photos but also videos and are becoming more and more popular. To find them just search for the hashtag #video, or use this link directly.

    You can easily share and use the videos from the sites listed above for your WhatsApp status, but to do so you will need to download them first, continuing to read we will explain how to download videos from these sites.

    Unfortunately none of the social networks allow direct download of the videos, for download from Instagram, Facebook you can follow our popular guide.

    To download multimedia content super easily on Android system from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you can use Videoder, the handy app we told you about.


    Download videos for WhatsApp from websites

    For Android the procedure is very easy: thanks to browsers like Chrome you can save any type of video and then you just have to click on the "Save video“, So the videos will be stored in your Whatsapp gallery and will be ready to be published as statuses or shared to friends.

    For iPhone iPad the procedure is completely different: in this case we advise you to download applications. Simply write on the App Store "Video downloader”And you will find many, free and not. You will then have to go to the sites we have listed (or similar) and choose the video: click on it and you will find the item "Downloader”(Or similar) that will appear and allow you to download the videos.


    Now it's up to you to share the best videos with your friends on Whatsapp or make your statuses captivating with fun and original videos. We hope we have been helpful: if you have other sources to report do not hesitate to write us a comment! Good fun. In order not to miss any of our guides, follow us also through our social channels Facebook and Twitter.


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