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    Unable to update WhatsApp: how to fix

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    How many times have we heard of that new feature added but, in practice, it was then impossible to update WhatsApp? And what if our friends can use certain tricks for WhatsApp and we can't, because of an app that just doesn't want to update itself?

    We immediately thought that the fault was the Internet connection; then we moved to where the pitch is better or connected by wifi and the situation has not changed at all. So the question arises: why does it sometimes seem impossible to update WhatsApp?

    The reasons can be multiple, from problems with the device store to insufficient memory, to automatic updates disabled.

    Let's see together how to solve on the various platforms, after checking have enough space to download the update. Otherwise the solution is immediate: we eliminate what we no longer need!

    Unable to update WhatsApp on Android

    Automatic updates

    Paradoxically, even if Android is the most used platform, it is precisely here that it may more often be impossible to update WhatsApp. If our contacts got the update but we didn't, it could be because automatic updates disabled.

    To manually update we do tap on the Menu button (with the three vertical lines) at the top left and we choose Le mie app ei miei giochi. From here, if available, we can proceed with WhatsApp updates by clicking on the appropriate button.

    To activate automatic updates, we tap the Menu button on the Play Store, select Settings then Automatic app update. From here we can choose whether update apps at any time or only in the presence of a WiFi network.

    Google Play cache

    If even so it was impossible to update WhatsApp, we can try to delete all data from Google Play and previous attempts. To do this we enter the Android settings, then Applications> Google Service Framework. Once there we tap on Delete data, then on Delete cache, Then Ends (o fine).

    We repeat the same procedure with Google Play Store and with Download manager. Let's restart the phone and try to update again!

    Reinstall WhatsApp

    Is it still impossible to update WhatsApp? Let's try a pretty drastic solution: uninstall and reinstall the app from Google Play! Before doing so, however, let's remember to make a backup of all our conversations. At this point the app will be updated to the latest version and we will most likely have no problems receiving future updates!

    Use the official APK

    Google Play just does not help us and it was still impossible to update WhatsApp? We can try to rely on the APK on the official website, ready to be downloaded and installed on our device! Before proceeding remember to make a backup of your conversations; also remember to activate the installation from unknown sources from Settings> Security.

    DOWNLOAD | WhatsApp APK

    Unable to update WhatsApp on iOS

    If it is impossible to update WhatsApp on iPhone and iPad, the problem may be due to the overload of the App Store and therefore we will only have to wait, or to the fact that automatic updates are not active.

    To activate them, let's go to Settings> iTunes Store and App Store and put on "On" the switch corresponding to "Automatic Updates".

    Unable to update WhatsApp for PC?

    In this case, the reason is simple: WhatsApp for PC does not provide updates! Yes, because the special client that allows us to talk to our contacts using the PC or Mac "fetches" its functionality from WhatsApp Web, therefore it does not need manual updates as new features come automatically.

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