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    The best apps for WhatsApp

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    The user experience offered by Whatsapp, especially in recent times, it has greatly improved and has been enriched with numerous features such as calls, GIFs, states and much more.

    Despite this, one often feels the need to make use of third-party applications to meet your needs, given how each of us can have habits, tastes and interests that are not fully satisfied by the application itself.

    If, therefore, you want to further improve the use of Whatsapp by adding useful features or improving the user experience, then this list of applications could be for you.

    App for Whatsapp

    The apps that we are going to examine belong to the most disparate categories, ranging from those reserved exclusively for our account to those that also involve the accounts of our contacts.

    Siftr Magic

    We have already spoken in the past of this application which, given its importance and its functioning, deserved a separate discussion in order to give it the right visibility. Siftr Magic is the best assistant when it comes to cleaning of generated files from WhatsApp.

    Given the numerous photos that we exchange with our contacts every day, this application is able to analyze them all and, thanks to its ability to recognize the content of the images, is able to divide them into categories and tell us which ones to delete.

    Download| Siftr Magic per Android da Google Play Store


    Useful on multiple occasions, Whatscan allows us to use WhatsApp Web on our smartphone simply by scanning the QR code, as it happens on PC. This obviously implies different types of use:

    • The same WhatsApp account can be used on 2 different smartphones;
    • Use WhatsApp on our tablet without any particular subterfuge;
    • Check / spy on someone else's WhatsApp account.

    Since I guess the last entry may have caught your attention, I'll explain what I mean. If you manage to get your hands on the victim's device, all you have to do is go to WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code that will appear on your smartphone by opening Whatscan.

    In this way, your smartphone will be able to connect to your victim's WhatsApp account as long as the latter is connected to the network. Furthermore, it is good to keep in mind that using this application, the WhatsApp Web notification currently in use will appear on the device of the controlled person, which is why I recommend this type of use only to keep your children under control or for similar situations.

    Download| Whatscan per Android da Google Play Store


    As you may guess from the name, this application acts as a watchdog providing a feature that could certainly come in handy. Its operation, in fact, is as simple as it is effective and allows you to select one of our contacts and receive a notification when this is online.

    In addition to the notification in real time, this application is able to trace a history of the connections of the user chosen by us, so as to know when the latter has connected during the day.

    Download| WhatsDog per Android da Secondlemon


    If you love Facebook Messenger's notification system, then Dashdow could be a pleasant discovery. This app, in fact, allows you to have a floating icon of the user who has just contacted us and, as happens with the Zuckerberg app, also in this case we can move it here and there for the screen and delete it with the trash can at the bottom.

    Tapping on the latter, then, a comic will appear containing the message just delivered and, by selecting, the chat will be opened in the official application.

    Download| Dashdow per Android da Google Play Store


    While not made exclusively for WhatsApp, a similar application can always come in handy. With AppLock, in fact, we can keep our conversations safe from prying eyes by blocking the opening of the application with different methods.

    We can set Pins, sequences or use the simplest and most immediate unlocking by fingerprint.

    Download| AppLock per Android da Google Play Store

    In addition to these applications that rely on the official client, some time ago we also talked about GBWhatsApp, an unofficial client that implements many useful features directly within the application.

    So these, in our opinion, are the best applications to combine with WhatsApp for an even more varied use. If you know others or have questions about it, the invitation, as always, is to leave a comment below.


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