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    States for WhatsApp: photos to use

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    Do you like the new WhatsApp status and are you looking for photos to set to make it unique, maybe some fun to make your contacts smile? Well then this is the article for you because below we will show you where to find photos for WhatsApp statuses as well as recommending some tricks to find trendy images.

    As you know it is possible to share photos or videos with your contacts for 24 hours. If you want to know everything about WhatsApp statuses, don't hesitate to consult our popular guide. Terrific photo sources for WhatsApp statuses are undoubtedly the social networks, some sites specialized in viral animated images and gifs, and some apps and services that allow you to insert writings in your images.

    If you are looking for funny or famous phrases, aphorisms, quotes, consult our other in-depth analysis with the best sources:

    Photos for WhatsApp status: take advantage of social networks

    As mentioned in this paragraph we will deal with social networks, which are different and all very valid. Obviously, the social networks on which users post photos are a real gold mine. The best ways to find photos worth sharing with your contacts are:

    • The unbeatable Instagram - photographic social network in continuous growth, with a very high number of users who produce new content every day. The advice is to use the search using the best Instagram hashtags and then download photos and videos.
    • The least known PicsArt- it is a social for more niche photos, but precisely for this reason where it is easier to find really beautiful and original shots.
    • The always appreciated Twitter - the twitter social network has always been purely textual, but with the introduction of photos and videos, tweets with multimedia contents have become very many. If you are looking for funny pictures or bad and unforgettable Memes, surely Twitter will not disappoint you.
    • The handy Pinterest– is perfect for finding photos with quotes and aphorisms, being a social based on sharing photos, videos and images.
    • The inevitable Facebook - as you all know is the social network par excellence, it is full of viral and funny contents, such as memes and animated gif images and videos.

    Not all social networks allow the download of their content, to download from Instagram you can follow our popular guide.

    To download multimedia content in a super simple way on Android from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you can use Videoder, the handy app we told you about.

    Meme sites and viral photos

    The man of the Internet does not live on pages and social groups alone, there are many sites that specialize in offering those memes and images that often depopulate on social networks for months. And they are all photos for WhatsApp statuses that you and your contacts will surely like.

    Here is the list of the most famous international sites of funny images and animated gifs:

    • Giphy - simply the best site if you are looking for funny animated gifs
    • Meme cittàni - a site really full of funny images often seasoned with equally hilarious writings.
    • 9Gag - one of the richest sites for sharing material.
    • CheezBurger - according to some better than 9Gag a real mine of memes and funny images.
    • Boredpanda - another well-known international site full of material.
    • CollegeHumor - another site worth a visit and has material that is sure to get you a laugh.

    If these sites do not satisfy you, you can always make your memes super easily by following our guides:


    Let us know if you liked and found some valid photos to use in the states for WhatsApp. In order not to miss any of our guides, follow us also through our social channels Facebook and Twitter.

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