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    Send live photos on WhatsApp with iPhone

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    Le Live Photo have been introduced in the latest models of iPhone. For the uninitiated, these are small videos made using sequential photos. We can say that it is more or less the equivalent of one GIF animated. They appear to us as static images, but by making a long press with the 3D Touch they will animate. However, many users do not know that it is possible to send them to WhatsApp.

    Let's see how to do it together.

    How to send live photos with WhatsApp

    You can send live photos on WhatsApp with iPhone. We can proceed in two ways, but we advise you to follow the first procedure we propose, as it is quicker and simpler.

    Send live photos directly with WhatsApp

    We can send live photos directly with WhatsApp. This is easier and faster than converting to GIF. So let's see how to send live photos on WhatsApp.

    1. We open WhatsApp and we open the chat of our interest;
    2. We touch the icon to send an attachment;
    3. We select the item Photo or Video Library;
    4. At this point we scroll through the gallery until we find the desired live photo;
    5. Time tap and hold on the photo thumbnail (so you will take advantage of the 3D Touch) thepreview;
    6. At this point we drag the finger up;
    7. Some items will appear. Now let's select the option Select as an animated GIF.

    Convert live photos to GIF

    The second solution is that of convert live photos in GIF. Live photos, in fact, are saved in .mov format. Then you can convert them and send them in GIF format.

    We can use the software for our purpose iPhone Manager. It is a paid software, but it still offers us a limited trial period.

    Download| iPhone Manager

    So let's see how to convert live photos into animated GIFs.

    1. Let's open the software iPhone Manager and connect ours iPhone;
    2. Click on Photos, in the top bar;
    3. At this point we click on Camera Roll and then on the voice Videos;
    4. We look for the live photo in question and select it;
    5. Click on Convert to GIF.

    If everything went well we will have our live photo converted to animated GIF. At this point, all we have to do is send it as a normal GIF on WhatsApp.


    As we have seen, there are two solutions to send live photos on WhatsApp with iPhone. However, we advise you to use the first solution, as it is simpler and faster to implement. It also doesn't need software to convert live photos to GIF.

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