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    Ryanair gives you two free tickets: it's the new Whatsapp scam

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    Everyone has the desire to have a nice trip, even better if this is already paid for. With the message that is running on Whatsapp, however, more than a nice trip to some exotic location, this chain could give you several problems regarding your data.

    The 2 free tickets: the Whatsapp scam

    It is a message already seen, especially on Facebook, but this time it is more insidious and could deceive a few more people. We are talking about the chain that is spreading like wildfire on Whatsapp these days. Talk about a generous offer from Ryanair which, to celebrate 33 years of service, would give everyone two free tickets. Here is the message:

    Many of you may be thinking that this is nonsense, and indeed it is! However, the less attentive could be deceived by the link contained in the message.

    If these chains usually have a shortened link to hide the real address, this is not the case. The creators were very clever to register a domain similar to that of the low-cost company, but with a small (and essential) variant: a to accentuate instead of the normal one.

    The risks to your data

    We have not opened the link, and we hope you neither, but from what circulates on the net it seems that the page loaded on the site asks you to fill in a questionnaire with your sensitive data. We obviously don't know who the recipients of your data are, but they certainly won't use them to send you Christmas greetings.

    So pay attention to these types of messages and if you have any doubts about the authenticity of a promotion we suggest you read this article or you can ask us for advice on our facebook page.

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