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    Leave Whatsapp groups without getting caught

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    It happens to everyone to want exit from Whatsapp groups when they are no longer topics of interest or people do nothing but gossip going outside the scope of the group. Abandoning WhatsApp groups can be the ideal solution but doing it without anyone noticing is something sublime. By following the procedure indicated in this article you will understand how to leave WhatsApp groups without being discovered, without anyone noticing, saying goodbye to numerous useless messages.

    Unfortunately, deactivating the notification of the group is not enough and it is also a timed operation (maximum one year), so with a little imagination we have found this remedy that can be effective.

    Leave WhatsApp groups without getting caught

    The trick is to change your nickname, so the other members of the group will not understand who you are and among the many messages the notification will immediately scroll up. To change nick proceed as follows:

    1. open WhatsApp and go to Settings
    2. Click on your photo of Profile
    3. You will find your name and a pencil symbol next to it: click on it to set a new nickname.
    4. Save everything.

    Now you can leave the group: the best time is to do it perhaps during a heated discussion so the notification that you have left the group will immediately go up and will disguise itself in the discussion. Once logged out you can set your original nickname again.

    Of course, this allows us to get out of a group and not get caught at first, however a careful person will be able to trace your trick and understand that you have abandoned the discussion.

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