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    Ikea WhatsApp scam virus: be careful!

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    "Take part in the survey and you can win a 500 Euro Ikea shopping voucher", or "150 Euro Ikea shopping voucher" or "900 euro Ikea voucher". These are just some of the variations of the new scam that is running these days on WhatsApp. This is the same system adopted some time ago by the € 150 Zara voucher scam and which involves the appearance of a WhatsApp message with a link that refers to a page that looks like that of an Ikea survey.

    In reality, the survey is fake and the page is what is called a "phishing attempt", which is a bogus page that is created to steal all the data that you are going to enter and send through it.

    How to defend yourself?

    You cannot prevent receiving the message that may come to you from any user who has fallen for the scam. In case you get the message, do not click on the link you receive and do not fill in any steps: ignore everything and notify your WhatsApp friend of the scam attempt. It is a classic chain of Sant'Antonio which you must simply ignore; moreover, the translation of the message in the city is not correct either.

    Ikea, through a press release, wanted to specify that "In order to protect its customers, Ikea is taking all the necessary actions aimed at shedding light on what happened".

    The statement of the state police

    Through their Facebook social page "a life as a social", the state police released the following:

    A 500 euro Ikea voucher is tempting to almost everyone: this is what the promoters of a new scam active in these hours on WhatsApp must have thought. As in the past for other cases (that of Zara did school) the classic chains of Sant'Antonio have been set in motion: friends and relatives sure to make the deal of the century do their utmost to share the new store competition which, behind the compilation of a very short one-minute survey, promises "almost" the impossible. Ikea is not promoting any promotional initiative with in palio 150 vouchers of 500 euros, this better to specify from the beginning. If anything, the excuse of the short survey mentioned above is nothing more than a real attempt at scam or rather "phishing" if we want to use the technical term of the operation, now known to most.

    Keep an eye out and run this article to warn your friends about the scam attempt!

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