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    How to use WhatsApp: tips and tricks

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    Surely everyone knows eat if you use WhatsApp and what are its main features and strengths. The app, purchased by Facebook for a few years, is certainly the app of the decade, the one that in a few months has managed to enter the hearts (and on smartphones) of hundreds of millions of users. The dynamics of WhatsApp is very simple: it is installed on a smartphone (or tablet thanks to our guide), the telephone number is associated with it, messages, photos, documents and so on are sent via the Internet.

    And once again we remind everyone: WhatsApp is free now for all platforms, whenever some message warns you that WhatsApp is paid or is about to become paid then you are faced with a hoax.

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    But WhatsApp, despite everything, is also an app full of "accessory" features that allow you to improve the user experience in many respects. Are you sure you know how to use WhatsApp by taking advantage of all its features?

    In this article you will find the best WhatsApp tricks that will allow you to use the messaging app even better and adapt it to your needs!

    Index of topics

    • Main functions
    • Quotes (users)
    • Reply quotes (messages)
    • Disable data sharing with Facebook
    • Set a custom notification ringtone
    • Set a notification ringtone for each contact
    • The voicemail
    • Password protect WhatsApp (Android)
    • Use 2 WhatsApp together (Android)
    • Use WhatsApp from PC and Mac
    • Share documents
    • Write in bold, italics and strikethrough
    • Hide notifications from contacts and groups
    • Missing contacts: how to fix
    • Save the messages
    • Send GIFs
    • The new status of WhatsApp
    • Automatically reply on WhatsApp
    • Phrases & quotes to use
    • Can you unlock yourself?
    • Find out who blocked us
    • Can you become invisible on WhatsApp?
    • Can you spy on WhatsApp?
    • The buffaloes

    How to use Whatsapp: the tricks to know

    The main functions

    Before going into the "details" of the Whatsapp tricks, let's see the main features of the app. We have dedicated an entire article to it which explains in depth how to exploit many aspects.

    In particular, we have dealt with - divided into sections - topics such as:

    • change chat background;
    • customize notification sounds;
    • change phone number;
    • delete the account;
    • disable automatic downloading of images and sounds;
    • send multiple (but not group) messages;
    • delete or archive conversations in bulk;
    • protect (as far as possible) their privacy by hiding profile picture, last access and read confirmation;
    • hide the display of messages on notifications.

    You can find everything conveniently grouped in the guide linked below!

    Quotations (users)

    Recently the possibility of cite a person within a group, to clearly make her understand that our message is directed to her. Doing so is really simple: just a snail!

    Reply quotes (messages)

    Among the WhatsApp tricks there is also the one that allows you to "quote" entire messages, both in individual conversations and in groups, to make the person with whom we are talking understand that our answer is addressed to that precise message. A long tap and that's it!

    Disable data sharing with Facebook

    As you have surely read, a change to the terms of service has recently been introduced that triggers the sharing of some data between WhatsApp and its parent company, Facebook.

    Recently WhatsApp has blocked, albeit temporarily, the sharing of data with Facebook in Europe to respond to the complaints and solicitations of the Privacy Guarantors.

    Set a custom notification ringtone (Android)

    The notification tones of WhatsApp are the default ones of the smartphone that are often not so beautiful: is it possible to set a custom one? Well the answer, at least on Android, is yes!

    Set a different notification ringtone for each contact

    Still talking about ringtone, do we want to get an idea of ​​who sent us a message simply by listening to the "ring" of our smartphone? This too can be done!

    The voicemail

    Yes, WhatsApp has recently introduced a kind of answering machine which, in some situations, has its own reason! In practice, the feature allows us to leave a voice message to a person who has not answered our call.

    Password protect WhatsApp (Android)

    Are you afraid that someone will (illegally) steal your smartphone and mind your business? If you have the Android operating system on board, know that, conveniently and thanks to an app, you can set a password for opening WhatsApp.

    Use 2 WhatsApp accounts together (Android)

    Once upon a time there was Parallel for Android, and once upon a time there was WhatsApp. Let's combine these two apps and get the ability to use 2 WhatsApp numbers simultaneously on one phone. Like? Find out in our guide!

    Use WhatsApp from PC and Mac

    By popular demand, WhatsApp has made one public quite recently real application which allows you to use WhatsApp also from PC (Windows) and Mac, simply by associating your smartphone - which must still remain connected to the Internet.

    If we don't like the app, we have Linux or we prefer the browser, we can always do the same thing with WhatsApp web.

    Share documents on WhatsApp, WhatsApp web and WhatsApp for PC

    Did you know that WhatsApp allows you to share any type of document as well as photos and videos? Doing it is simple: just enter the app, tap on the paperclip, select Document and choose the document to share from the smartphone manager.

    It is also possible to do the same thing with WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for PC!

    Write in bold, italic or strikethrough

    Did you know that it is possible to give a touch of emphasis to messages sent by using the Bold, italics and strikethrough also on WhatsApp? We can do it easily both from apps and from PC or web by simply using some special characters at the beginning and at the end of the message!

    Hide notifications from contacts and groups

    Do we want the notifications sent by a certain contact not to appear on the display so as not to find ourselves in trouble? In that group, too many messages are sent, we don't want to go out but just can't manage to hear the smartphone ring every 30 seconds?

    Well, WhatsApp allows you to hide notifications from contacts and groups and possibly prevent the phone from ringing when messages arrive from them. Like? Just act on the settings of the individual conversations!

    Missing contacts: how to fix

    We noticed that some contacts from our address book are missing from WhatsApp but are we sure those people are using the app? Well, the fault could be the way we memorized the phone number! Let's see how to solve this annoying problem.

    Save the messages

    Are you unsure of the fate of your device and want to secure the messages you care about so much? Use the integration with Google Drive - you will be really safe!

    Send GIFs

    After a lot of testing and numerous comings and goings from the beta version, even stable WhatsApp finally allows you to send and view GIF images.

    Like? We explained it to you in our dedicated article!

    The new status of WhatsApp

    WhatsApp introduced a new status and concept of WhatsApp Stories. This aspect is tragic for many users but we have decided to answer all your doubts and questions by creating an article where we explain what WhatsApp stories and the new WhatsApp status are and how they are used.

    Find everything at the following link:

    If you want to use the old WhatsApp status, then the guide for you is the following:

    BONUS: Various & any

    The WhatsApp tricks section is over, but we don't want to stop here: we want to suggest some tips and dispel some clichés about the app, both to simplify your "work" and to warn you of too many pitfalls!

    Automatically reply on Whatsapp

    Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to automatically reply on Whatsapp? The answer is yes and there are two handy autoresponder apps! We talked about it in depth in our dedicated article that you find below:

    Phrases & quotes to use on WhatsApp

    Do you attend different groups and want to express yourself using some famous quotes? Do you need a phrase for some occasion to send on WhatsApp but the inspiration is really lacking? Well, the Internet is full of places to find phrases, statuses and quotes to use on WhatsApp: you just need to know where to look!

    Can you unlock yourself?

    Ending up in the list of blocked contacts is not nice, it goes without saying that to annoy one of our interlocutors ... we have certainly done something! Many have asked us if there are Whatsapp tricks that allow you to unlock yourself and go back to talking to that person without that person giving us permission.

    In reality this is theoretically possible but the price to pay is quite high: to “unlock” ourselves we need to completely delete the WhatsApp account associated with our number recreate another. Only then can we start talking to whoever blocked us again!

    Obviously, before deciding to move in this direction, we must consider some aspects: the first is that the person in question can immediately block us again; the second is that deleting the account results in the loss of all messages and all groups.

    The third is that if someone is not going to hear from us, we have no right to force them to do so.

    Find out who blocked us

    Are you doubtful that some contacts have blocked you on WhatsApp? Are you unable to send messages to any contact or see their profile picture anymore? Then the following article is for you:

    Can you become invisible on WhatsApp?

    Many have asked us: is it possible to become invisible on WhatsApp? Is it possible to be online and observe what is happening around… without showing it? The answer, in fact, is si ma no. And we gave you some tips in our dedicated article!

    Can you spy on WhatsApp?

    This question also does not have a dry answer. Or better, spy on WhatsApp by exploiting the weaknesses of the app (or third party programs) not it's possible, especially after the introduction of encryption. If someone tells you that they know Whatsapp tricks to spy on conversations then they are making fun of you. Almost. On the other hand, taking advantage of our distraction, there are some (remote) possibilities. To clarify this, we warmly invite you to read our dedicated article!

    The buffaloes

    This is probably the most dangerous aspect of WhatsApp by far. We must never, and I mean never, accept everything sent to us: we could exchange some blatant hoax for absolute truth or, worse still, fall victim to some scam or see our SIM credit drained!

    Don't believe it? Just think of the hoax of € 150 from Zara, or that of Amazon that gives iPhone 6 or, again, the sad deal of the discount coupon from H&M, the € 20 recharge, paid WhatsApp, animated emoticons, voice messages that arrive via email ...

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