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    How to use WhatsApp quotes in groups

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    WhatsApp groups are so useful for discussing or organizing ... but so confusing, especially when dozens and dozens of people participate!

    In fact, it happens very often that among the many messages someone escapes the attention of the person to whom it was intended, thus causing even more confusion! This will not happen again from today as, with a recent server update, they are citations have also arrived for WhatsApp groups.

    This type of quote, unlike the previous ones, concerns users and not messages.

    What does this mean? Simple: it is possible explicitly mention a participant to a group to make him "understand" that the message is addressed to him; he will receive a notification - even if the group is silent - and its name will be highlighted in the conversation.

    How to use WhatsApp quotes in groups

    Using WhatsApp quotes is really simple! It's enough type the @ character (the at sign) in the group window: the list of all members of the group.

    At this point the game is done: that's enough select the participant's name to whom you intend to send the message, write it as usual and send it in the conversation. The aforementioned contact will receive, as already mentioned, a notification (even if the group is silent) which will attract his attention. Of course the message will also be displayed by the other members of the group.

    But, allow us the digression, am I wrong or had we already seen such a thing somewhere else?

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