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    How to understand who spies on your WhatsApp

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    WhatsApp is the most used messaging service worldwide. Through WhatsApp it is possible to send Message, multimedia content e papers to your contacts. It is easy to understand, therefore, that WhatsApp contains within it everything we send and receive, which can be job content or personal messages with friends and family. Lately, with the latest updates, WhatsApp has also introduced it state, which is a function that allows you to upload a photo or video for a time limit of 24 hours. After this time frame, the state scompare and it will no longer be visible to anyone. While publishing, however, the status will be visible to all of your contacts. If you have the suspected that someone is spying on your WhatsApp profile, you can use some small tricks, which we will explain in this article. So let's see how to understand who spies your WhatsApp profile

    How to understand who spies on the WhatsApp profile

    To be sure of not being spied on, and to limit the invasion of the privacy, you can edit settings of WhatsApp, in order to choose who can see yours information he static that you publish.

    Change the WhatsApp settings

    When you first install WhatsApp on your phone, there are some basic settings, which can, of course, be modified at a later time. In particular, you can modify the parameters relating to privacy of:

    Some WhatsApp privacy tricks

    To try to find out if someone is spying on your WhatsApp profile, you can also resort to gods simple tricks, without affecting your privacy settings.

    • When entering a WhatsApp conversation, after pressing the name present in the contact list, will open directly keyboard to to type the message. Even if you are not writing anything, the "Is writing…". By taking advantage of this "report", you can check if yours suspected is inside your chat to spy on you.
    • In case it was you who owed it hide from a specific person, (for example by looking at a story) you can use a specific one setting not to appear in the list of those who have viewed the status of a user. To result invisible, therefore, to the views of a WhatsApp story, you will simply have to I will give you a letter (as shown above). This way your name will no longer be shown in thelist of views of a WhatsApp story. However, within a chat, you will no longer see blue ticks (the read receipt), and therefore you will not be able to know if the recipient of your message has read it. To overcome this inconvenience, you could temporarily disable the read receipts, for then reactivate them again after viewing a story.

    By following these small and simple steps you will be able to protect your privacy, but also to understand who light your WhatsApp profile.

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