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    How to translate WhatsApp messages

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    If until a few years ago, the use of automatic translators was the prerogative of the most visionary science fiction, the introduction of increasingly refined and intuitive tools has made it much easier to approach foreign languages ​​in the most disparate fields. Here is so that translate WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype messages has become a real breeze.

    In the guide that follows, in particular, we will see how it is possible translate WhatsApp messages in a few simple taps thanks to Google translator or by using the paid application iTranslate.

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    • Translate WhatsApp messages on Android
    • Translate WhatsApp messages on iOS
    • iTranslate per Android e iOS
    • Conclusion

    Translate WhatsApp messages on Android

    Owning a smartphone is undoubtedly synonymous with immediacy and speed of access to data and communication. For this reason it is possible that you have found yourself chatting with strangers of other nationalities in the name of a common passion or that perhaps you have received messages containing information about a booked hotel room or other services.

    If until a few years ago language barriers threatened to dissuade the most clumsy, now tools and applications simplify the lives of many. The main and useful application for the automatic translation of words or entire texts in multiple languages ​​(103 in all) is certainly Google Translate.

    Let's see how to exploit it for translate WhatsApp messages on Android devices.

    Installing and configuring Google Translator on Android

    Although the application in question is pre-installed on most of the latest generation devices, if you do not have it you will have to:

    • Download Google Translate and proceed with the installation;
    • Configure the "Touch to translate"Following this sequence:

    Open Google Translate> Tap the Menu icon at the top left (three horizontal lines)> Tap on Settings> Tap to Translate> Put the blue check on the item Activate.

    Translate WhatsApp messages on Android with Google Translate

    Once the Google Translate setup is complete, for translate WhatsApp messages it will be necessary:

    • Access WhatsApp, select a chat and make a long tap (to select it) on the message you want to translate. The successful selection of the message will be evidenced by the appearance on the same of a blue highlight;
    • Touch the Menu icon (three vertical dots at the top right) and press Copy;
    • The floating Google Translate icon will then appear; pressing on the latter you will have access to the translation of the selected message.

    Obviously in the Google Translate window it will be possible to change the language of the text to be translated and of the translation. Not only that, in the same window it will also be possible to write your answer, translate it into the language of interest, then select it (by long tap) and copy it in the WhatsApp conversation.

    How to translate WhatsApp messages on iOS

    Similarly, it is possible to exploit some of the potential of Google Translate also on the devices of the Cupertino house. It will be necessary:

    • Download Google Translate for iOS on iTunes;
    • Return to Home and open a WhatsApp chat from which you will have to copy the message to be translated;
    • Then touch the 3D Touch button on your iPhone and return to the screen again Home;
    • Open Google Translate;
    • Paste the message in the foreign language and wait for the translation.

    iTranslate per Android e iOS

    As you can easily understand from the tutorial just concluded, if the use of Google Translate for the instant translation of WhatsApp messages is extremely simple on Android, it is slightly more cumbersome on iOS devices. For this reason it may be worth investing a few euros (€ 4,99 per month after the 7-day trial period) on the application iTranslate (Android, iOS).

    Configure iTranslate with iOS

    iTranslate acts like an alternative keyboard. Let's see how it works on iOS:

    • Install and launch the application on the iPhone;
    • Go to the “Other” menu> tap iTranslate Keyboard> Add iTranslate Keyboard;

    At this point you will have access to a tutorial for adding a special keyboard dedicated to the instant translation of text messages. In particular, to use it it will be necessary to follow this sequence:

    System Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard> Third Party Keyboards> iTranslate

    Here it is that iTranslate will appear in the list of available keyboards; to use it, it will be necessary to set the “Allow full access” item to ON. Finally, tap “Allow“.

    Translate WhatsApp messages on iOS with iTranslate

    translate WhatsApp messages with iTranslate on iPhone it will be necessary:

    • Open WhatsApp, access a chat and tap the world map icon;
    • Select the iTranslate keyboard;
    • Select, with a long tap, the message to be translated and copy it;
    • Paste the message on the writing editor (using the "Paste" command);
    • Choose the "Translate to English" option (or any other language you want).


    Here is our guide on how to translate WhatsApp messages for free using Google Translate or with the paid application iTranslate. For more information about the offline operation of Google Translate and its general features or the main features of WhatsApp, we recommend reading:

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