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    How to spy on WhatsApp: all existing methods

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    More and more users search the web how to spy on whatsapp to try to intercept another person's conversations. In fact, spying on a smartphone does not need - in some cases - to be experts in the sector, and despite the extreme attention to security, even for WhatsApp there are methods that can "intercept" the exchange of messages.

    For illustrative purposes only, in this article we will show you all working methods to spy on WhatsApp (and not only) on both Android and iPhone. Later we will see how to protect yourself from any cunning and, above all, how to notice if someone is spying on us. In fact, below, here is a list of everything we will cover.

    How to spy on WhatsApp conversations

    This application is now extremely widespread and spying on WhatsApp is a very “sought after” practice. Obviously, the application over the years has tried to tackle these illegal practices in multiple ways. The most impenetrable barrier lies in the end-to-end encryption which (without going into details) allows maximum protection of messages exchanged between sender and recipient:

    However, this type of "protection" can block anyone trying to spy on WhatsApp by intervening within the conversation through a method called connection sniffing, which by the way is also quite difficult to implement. The methods that we will show you instead, are much simpler and always working.

    As mentioned the methods listed below are for illustrative purposes only, and we will use them as a preface to understand later how to defend yourself from those who spy on WhastApp. We will therefore not be responsible for how the information in this article will be used. So let's start with the simplest and most effective method ever:

    1. How to spy on messages on WhatsApp Web

    In the first place among the methods on how to spy on WhatsApp is the use of WhastApp Web, which is the web version of our messaging app. This method is by far the simplest and most effective since it will make it possible to check a person's WhatsApp profile in full.

    WhatsApp Web is nothing more than an Internet site that allows you to use WhatsApp while you are at your PC without taking your smartphone to reply to a message every time. Using it is very easy because all you have to do is take your smartphone, enter WhatsApp -> Settings -> WhatsApp Web and a camera will open.

    When you open WhatsApp Web, a QR code (a box with white and black squares placed in a confusing way). By framing this code with the WhasApp camera on your smartphone, the PC will immediately connect to your account and you will have a copy of your WhatsApp to use via PC:

    In short, two simple steps, and if you want to spy on another person's WhatsApp, all you have to do is follow the exact same procedure, but using the smartphone of the person you want to spy on. If indeed you could put your hands on that person's smartphone for less than a minute, you could practically take possession of his WhatsApp without him noticing.

    In fact, by default, WhatsApp Web keeps the connection open, and therefore every time you turn on your PC and go to WhatsApp Web, you can access that person's account. without having to repeat the procedure. However, if you do not have a PC or do not have access to the smartphone of the person to be spied, then this method should be discarded. Let's see another one.

    2. App to spy on WhatsApp

    If the previous guide on how to spy on WhatsApp from a PC is not for you because you do not have access to the smartphone of the "victim" or simply do not have a PC to use, then the simplest and most effective method immediately following is to use specific apps to spy on WhatsApp.

    There are many apps that can spy or read information from profiles, and in this regard we had already written an article on Apps to spy on WhatsApp where you will find the best ever and no need for root or jailbreak. Here are the apps we have selected:


    WhatsApp spy app capable of monitor the activity of a WhatsApp contact. Just enter the phone number of the people you want to spy on and WhatsAgent will notify you when that person is online for example, and how long, with the possibility of cross-checking between multiple contacts. Free for a limited time only:

    • DOWNLOAD | WhatsAgent per Android
    • DOWNLOAD | WhatsAgent per iOS

    Wossip – Tracker

    Much like WhatsAgent, this WhatsApp spy app monitor the activity of one or more WhatsApp users and sends notifications for status updates (and more), in real time. Free only for a trial period of 24 hours, after which you will have to pay for a subscription:

    • DOWNLOAD | Wossip – Tracker per Android
    • DOWNLOAD | Wossip – Tracker per iOS


    Chatwatch is an app that is that allows you to spy on WhatsApp both on Android that of iOS allowing to obtain information obtainable from the WhatsApp profiles of your contacts. In particular, it checks: frequency of accesses, duration of each access and the times when the person is online. Free only for the first 24 hours, after which you can decide whether to purchase the subscription:

    • USE FROM PC |

    These were in our opinion the three best apps to spy on WhatsApp, but it doesn't stop there because there is another application we want to show you which is completely free and much more powerful than the apps we've seen above. In our article on how to spy on WhatsApp and read conversations we told you about a very powerful app: let's see it!


    This application it is very different from those we showed you a little while ago, which on the contrary can only monitor the activity of a person. It practically uses the same reasoning principle that we showed you earlier in the paragraph on how to spy on WhatsApp via Web WhatsApp.

    For some it may be inconvenient to have a PC on hand, but with Whatscan there is no need! Take the smartphone of the person you want to spy on for a few seconds and - through his WhatsApp - access the Settings -> WhastApp Web. The camera that will want to scan a QR code will open.

    This time, however, instead of using a PC, you will have to frame the QR code on the screen of your smartphone with Whatscan open and that's it! Now your account is completely in your hands without the need for a PC! Whatscan is free and available for Android and iOS without having to do strange procedures on your smartphone!

    • DOWNLOAD | Whatscan per Android
    • DOWNLOAD | Whatscan per iOS

    But if you have direct access to the device of the person you want to spy on WhatsApp, then the best way is to use a monitoring or parental control software, so as to have full access to the entire device and not just WhatsApp.

    3. Use a Key Logger

    These software are nothing more than applications for the parental control, that is programs capable of monitoring all activities on a smartphone, including apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, calls and much more. Once you have installed such an app on the “victim” smartphone, it will be like having it in your hands!

    KidLogger (Android)

    KidLogger is the best monitoring software for Android. To use it you will need to first create an account (from the official website) which you will then use to monitor the smartphone on which you will install KidLogger (downloadable from the download page).

    Once installed on the victim's smartphone, start it and check the items: "Connect the app to your account" is "upload the activity log files". The game is done: go back to the site, log in to your account and monitor all the activities of the person.

    App monitor (iOS)

    On iOS it is more difficult to find apps to spy on WhatsApp, but with a iPhone Jailbroken you can take advantage of many apps offered by Cydia, therefore not present on the App Store. Here are a couple of them:

    • iKeyGuard: Available in both free and paid version (able to provide more data and with more details). Being a "Key Logger", it is able to capture any information that you can consult online on Safari by typing the address you find in the description of the application.
    • iKeyMonitor: Another Key Logger with a lot of potential that allows you to spy on smartphones from GPS to messages (including WhatsApp), but also screenshots, web searches, calls, Skype and much more.
    • Qustodio: A little expensive, but really complete as it allows you to interact with the smartphone under control by limiting its functions, sites, activity time and so on. Available for Android and iOS.
    • Screen Time: Very similar to Qustodio with many control and automation possibilities to manage usage times and limitations on various fronts. Screen Time is also available for both Android and iOS.

    4. Clone the MAC address

    The last resort to be able to spy on WhatsApp is to clone the MAC address of the smartphone you want to "check". We decided to stay this practice for last because it is the most complicated to perform: not just because some computer skills will be required, but why you will need to have access to your smartphone of that person for some time (technically at least 5/10 minutes).

    That said: what is the MAC address? Also known as MAC address, this 12-digit code it is unique to every device in the world because it allows you to identify its properties and hardware! Exactly, there are no two devices with the same MAC address (and for now, just know this), but what if you manage to clone the MAC address?

    Simple: if someone knows your MAC Address, following a procedure, is potentially able to "pretend" you in the eyes of WhatsApp and therefore spy on you without any difficulty. Unfortunately, you will need a rooted or jailbroken device to install apps like BusyBox e Mac address ghost your android e SpoofMAC your iPhone.

    You will find the MAC address of the smartphone to "clone" inside the Settings (usually) in the Device info. Once your MAC Address has been cloned, all you have to do is install WhatsApp and start it normally by entering the phone number of the person to be spied on. At this point it will come the SMS with the code on that smartphone (that's why you'll have to keep it handy) and you can complete the configuration.

    How to defend yourself from those who spy

    Here is the good news: defending yourself from cunning is not complicated at all! Those looking for methods on how to spy on WhatsApp will always have "the luck" to have on the other side a distracted person and very little attentive to privacy.

    In short, a few small tricks are enough and no one will ever be able to spy on WhatsApp or your smartphone in general. About that we have written a very well detailed guide! Take a look:

    In a few steps you can defend yourself from those who spy on WhatsApp Web for example, disconnecting devices connected with the service. Or you can block your personal information (such as status, last access and so on) to defend yourself from those who spy on WhatsApp through monitoring apps. Or you could always protect WhatsApp with a password.

    To defend oneself instead from all the other methods that we have shown you, the only precaution must be that of do not leave your smartphone unattended or - and this must be done periodically - check the apps installed on your device thoroughly to notice the presence of strange apps or even Key Logger. That's all!

    Other similar guides

    This topic is so well known that it is certainly not the first time that we have talked to you about how to spy on WhatsApp and - above all - how to defend yourself from cunning. If you have any concerns or would like to ask questions about what you have read, leave us a message in the comments section below and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

    And did you know these methods to spy on WhatsApp? Meanwhile, here are some other guides that might interest you about this:

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