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    How to spy on a WhatsApp contact

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    For some days now you have been wondering if it is possible to keep track of the activities carried out by a specific one WhatsApp contact in order to immediately identify the threat and protect you from the attacker. To answer this question, we have created a tutorial in which we explain exactly how to spy on a WhatsApp contact with the help of various methods.

    Before starting, we wanted to clarify that neither I nor the entire staff of ChimeraRevo we assume responsibility for any improper or illegal use of the methods listed in the next lines. The guide was developed for pure informational purpose and to know the risks that are run today, even with simple applications.

    How to spy on a WhatsApp contact with Whatsapp Web

    WhatsApp Web / Desktop is a service made available by the developers of the service that allows you to use the instant messaging app even from a computer by installing the dedicated client or by connecting to the website using a simple browser.

    To be able to access Web WhatsApp you simply need to frame the QR code that appears on the screen using the specific function of the app and the smartphone camera. This is where the security flaw as the computer and the device, on which the instant messaging application is present, do not necessarily have to be connected to the same Internet network in order to function.

    Therefore, the victim can grab your terminal and proceed with the scan QR code using the special feature available by pressing on 3 dots top right on the main screen and choosing Web WhatsApp from the proposed menu. What has been said up to now also applies to the client WhatsApp Desktop.

    You can protect yourself from this unpleasant inconvenience controlling the accesses via the screen Web WhatsApp and in particular the section devices connected. If you find an unrecognized access, just click on it and choose Disconnect from the message that appears on the display. Alternatively, you can disconnect all active sessions by pressing on Disconnect from all devices and confirming with Disconnect.

    How to spy on a WhatsApp contact via spy app

    Another solution used by hacker to spy on a WhatsApp contact consists of installing spy apps on the user's device used to access instant messaging software.

    In particular, this type of app keeps track of the activities carried out on the device such as the keys pressed on the keyboard, the calls received and those made, the Internet sites visited and much more. It must be considered, however, that these apps are usually not downloadable directly from the Google Play Store but only through APK file.

    Therefore, you must have activated installing apps from unknown sources via the Developer options, as for Android. Furthermore, most of these applications require the presence of the root on the green robot and the jailbreak your iPhone.

    In addition to spy apps, the bad guys exploit the parental control and anti-theft software created for legitimate purposes. The most famous ones are Qustodio e Cerberus. For more information on these applications, we recommend that you refer to the instructions in our dedicated tutorial.

    How to spy on a WhatsApp contact via app monitor

    In addition to the categories of applications listed in the last few lines, we must also defend ourselves from Whatsapp monitor, that is, those that allow you to detect accesses on WhatsApp. In particular, this category of applications allows hacker know when a user logs in to the instant messaging app, when they last logged in, time spent on the Internet, and much more.

    Luckily, monitor apps are not that easily found and many of them no longer work. However, to check for new ones, simply use the search term whatsapp monitor on Google Play Store or onApp Store, depending on the operating system used.

    To defend yourself from monitor apps, we advise you to do this: open WhatsApp, pressed on 3 dots at the top right and choose Settings. Once done, tap on Account, choose Privacy and set the option Nobody inside Last accesso. However, note that with this option activated, you will no longer be able to see the last access of other people.

    How to spy on a WhatsApp contact by cloning the MAC address

    WhatsApp take advantage of theMAC address (o MAC address) of the device on which it is used to allow not to use the same account on multiple smartphones at the same time. This is certainly a very important security feature.

    However, the 12-digit hexadecimal code, which uniquely identifies any device capable of connecting to the Internet, it can be easily cloned using the special applications available for iPhone and Android (eg. SpoofMAC e Mac Address Ghost).

    These allow you to hide the MAC address of your device and set another one to your liking (e.g. that of the device on which it is present WhatsApp to spy on). Usually, you can find theMAC address inside the Settings (In Informazioni su o Info on the phone). To protect yourself from this hacking method, you simply need not to lend your device to unknown people as they could easily identify the MAC address of the device.

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