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    How to speed up WhatsApp voice messages

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    Finally the long awaited function for speed up WhatsApp voice messages has arrived on Android and iOS for all users. This had in fact been in beta for some time, but finally the company was able to complete and test it and release it to the general public. Below we will see how to use it and, in case you are unable to do so, we invite you to update the WhatsApp application to the latest version available through the Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS.

    How to speed up voice messages in the WhatsApp app

    So let's see how to use the new function to speed up voice messages in the WhatsApp app, even if in reality it is a fairly simple and intuitive procedure. Immediately after clicking the button "Play" on a fairly long voice message, an icon with written will appear on the right side of the balloon “1x”, which will indicate the current playback speed.

    By clicking on it, the indicator will switch to “1,5x” and the audio note will continue playing at a faster rate. Clicking it again will take you to the last available step, that is “2x”. The latter will reproduce the voice message at exactly twice the speed of the real one. Obviously, by clicking a third time on the same icon, you will return to the standard speed “1x”.

    We repeat once again that, if you fail to see the icon indicated above, you will need to update the WhatsApp application, or wait for the new version to be downloaded automatically. In any case, the everything will work correctly on both Android smartphones and all iPhone models.

    How to speed up voice messages on WhatsApp Web

    We take advantage of this introduction in the WhatsApp app to find a similar solution within the desktop web interface of the same messaging service. This appears to be compatible with the browser of Google Chrome, as it is proposed in the form of an extension.

    His name is “Whatsapp Faster Audio” and can be downloaded by clicking on this link. Immediately after completing the installation and starting the WhatsApp website, a new button will appear to the right of the icon with three dots (in the chat column on the left) “1,0x” and once clicked, it will offer several options to speed up the playing audio. In addition, thanks to the same extension, you can even slow down the audio note. The overall range will therefore start from “0,25x” and will reach a maximum speed of “3,0x”.

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