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    How to send WhatsApp messages with "OK Google"

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    It has been many years now since Google introduced the iconic O to wake up your assistant on Android. Initially in the form of Now, later as Assistant, the Mountain View aide has undergone many transformations and has landed on iOS, threatening Siri, his direct rival.

    The commands that can be executed by the Google Assistant grow visibly: we can control the home lighting, the surveillance system (as long as the components are compatible), or more simply we can have the assistant perform some operations that we normally perform with the smartphone in everyday life.

    In this guide we will see how to send a message on WhatsApp with "OK Google" going to awaken the Google Assistant.

    What is the Google Assistant

    Google Assistant is the new voice assistant proposed by Google that simplifies many of the actions that characterize our routine, such as getting traffic information or directions to the nearest petrol station. Not only that, it is a real interlocutor with whom to chat and have fun.

    How to get the Google Assistant on Android

    Assistant is available for Android smartphones with sistema operativo Marshmallow 6.0 or higher: it can be accessed through the Google app or by downloading the appropriate Google Assistant application on the Play Store.

    There are two ways to wake up the assistant: by pressing and holding the home button or by saying "OK Google ”.

    For voice recognition to take place, you need to register your voice. Open the app Google and go to SettingsSettings (Google Assistant) Telephone"OK Google" detection. Automatically, you will be asked to say the wake-up phrase three times. Subsequently, the assistant will wake up every time you go to say “OK Google”.

    How to get the Google Assistant on iOS

    On iOS, the assistant can only be used via the Google Assistant app on the App Store.

    Once you have opened and carried out the first configuration, you will be able to take advantage of alcune of the features that Google offers on Android, such as receiving traffic or weather info. Cannot send messages or make calls, as the application would conflict with Apple's system ones.

    How to send a message on WhatsApp via the Google Assistant

    To send a message on WhatsApp without opening the application and manually typing the text, we can rely on Google Assistant. Just proceed as follows:

    1. Make sure you have WhatsApp ready to use on your smartphone. In case it is absent, make sure you install WhatsApp correctly.
    2. Wake up the assistant by saying "OK Google" (alternatively you can press and hold the home button on your smartphone, or click on the microphone in the Google application).
    3. Tell the assistant that you want to send a message on WhatsApp, specifying the recipient (it must necessarily be stored in the contacts).
    4. Indicate the message content.
    5. Confirm if send, modify or cancel the message.


    After these short operations, your message will be sent on WhatsApp. Using only your voice!

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