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    How to send WhatsApp messages to numbers not in the address book

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    Many of you will surely have had the need to send a message to an unsaved number in your contacts via WhatsApp. From today it is possible to do this without proceeding with the memorization using a simple link that we will reveal to you in this new guide today on how to send WhatsApp messages to numbers not in the address book.


    Before discovering the steps to follow to carry out the entire operation, we specify that this operation can be done using a simple browser (test done on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge e Opera) by exploiting indirectly Web WhatsApp, the online version of the popular instant messaging service.

    How to send messages on WhatsApp to numbers not in the address book

    To be able to send a message to a number stored in your contacts using WhatsApp, just follow the steps listed below carefully:

    • Open your default browser and, in the address bar at the top, type or copy and paste the URL
    • At this point, between / e ? enter the number not saved in the phonebook to which the prefix message will be sent 39 (Eg. 393282540xxx) while after = write the desired text as you normally do (eg. come va).
    • In the next step, give Submit on the keyboard or press on freccia rivolta verse destra to reach the link.
    • From the screen that appears Send the following to prefisso 328 25X XXX on WhatsApp, make sure that the number and the written message are correct and press the button Send. Otherwise, you can modify both data by always acting from the address bar by replacing the previous number with the new one (taking care not to delete the prefix 39) and the text. Remember to confirm the changes by pressing again on Submit.
    • After pressing the button, the login page a will appear Web WhatsApp. Here you will need to scan the QR code proposed by opening the instant messaging service application installed on your smartphone or tablet. In particular, from the main screen of WhatsApp, pressed on 3 dots top right, choose Web WhatsApp from the menu that appears and scan the QR Code or alternatively press on + at the top right if you have other active accesses.
    • In the new page that appears, one will automatically open new conversation containing the written text previously entered automatically in the appropriate field. To send it, simply click on theairplane.

    The same steps can also be performed from smartphones and tablets using a simple browser only that will open theWhatsApp app instead of the site of Web WhatsApp after pressing the button Send.

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