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    How to send a fake location on WhatsApp

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    Since you want to protect yours privacy using the well-known instant messaging app, look for a guide that explains specifically how to send a fake location on WhatsApp using your mobile device. We from ChimeraRevo we have created an ad hoc guide in which we explain exactly how to proceed.

    How to send a fake location on WhatsApp from Android

    The first solution that we suggest you use if you have an Android device is to use a simple and free app called Fake GPS location. It is a software whose popularity has spread a lot with Pokémon Go. The main goal of Fake GPS location is to allow you to set false GPS positions thus applications will never have a chance to detect the correct one.

    After downloading the application from the Google Play Store, start it and then activate the geolocation through the Settings of Android, giving the app permission to change the location within the options developer.

    You can activate this menu by going to the Settingsby pressing on Phone information and plugging 7 consecutive times su Version build. Once this is done, go back to the Settings and press on options developer. In the next step, locate the option Select dummy location app and set Fake GPS through the menu that appears.

    In the next step, go back into the application and press the button Play present at the bottom right to enable its operation. At this point, open WhatsApp and click on the conversation of the contact to send the position bogus. Once this is done, press on clip in the input field and choose Location from the displayed menu. Conclude the procedure by pressing on Location current.

    Once this step is done correctly, you can disable Fake GPS location opening the application and tapping on the button Pause at the bottom left.

    As an alternative to Fake GPS location, we suggest you use the solutions listed below:

    • Fake GPS Location
    • Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick
    • Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free
    • Fake GPS

    By following a few more steps, you can take advantage of an alternative solution to the previous one directly from WhatsApp. All you have to do is always access the function Location of the messaging app as indicated above, press on dashed square top left e move the position marker at the desired point within Google Maps. Once you have set the desired false position, press on Submit this position to send it.

    How to send a fake location on WhatsApp from iPhone

    In case you had a iPhone, we offer you a couple of solutions. The first is aimed at all those who have a iPhone with jailbreak. The procedure is to use an app called RentalFaker costing a few dollars, known mainly for the fact that it is used for Pokémon Go.

    After installing the tweak, open it and set one position GPS different from the real one. Obviously, you need to activate the GPS by opening the Settings di iOS pressing ongear, tapping on Privacy and carrying his ON the switch next to Location.

    Once this step is done correctly, open WhatsApp on yours iPhone, click on chat in which to send the position and then press on +. At this point, you choose Location and tap up Submit your location to forward the bogus one.

    If you have a iPhone without jailbreak, you can take advantage of the same procedure seen for Android. So, open up WhatsApp, click on + and choose Location. Once this is done, press on Hide places and move the position indicator of Map at the desired point. In conclusion, click on Submit this position to forward the set one.

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