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    How to search for GIFs on WhatsApp

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    One of the nicest features of WhatsApp is that of be able to send GIFs to your contacts, funny images to animate the conversation or to wish even a simple goodnight in a different way. First of all: what is a GIF? A GIF is a kind of animation without sounds, used to capture the best moments of a movie, a video on youtube, but also simple scenes of animals or colorful images.

    Search for GIFs on WhatsApp it is a very simple operation and is supported by both Android and iOS (therefore iPhone and iPad): you just have to make sure you have the updated application and follow our guide below which will show you how to search for a GIF and send it.

    How to search for GIFs on WhatsApp for Android!

    There are two methods to search for GIFs on WhatsApp with Android. The first is to open a chat, then click on the emoticon icon and a series of screens will appear containing all the WhatsApp emojis. Since we are not interested in searching and sending emoticons on WhatsApp but rather search and send GIFs, what you have to do is click on the icon at the bottom with the inscription GIF. Once clicked, as you can also see from the photo gallery below, many animated images will open that you can choose according to your preferences by scrolling from bottom to top.

    You can also choose the image you want directly or start a search: to find a GIF you are interested in, click on magnifying glass and write directly the keyword that will help you to search for the most appropriate GIF.

    For example, write the word "fall" and you will see lots of animated images related to the written word, so you can indulge in a GIF and a joke.

    Once you have chosen the GIF you like best, to send it just click on it and a preview of the image will open: click on the arrow to send the GIF.

    second method

    The second method to search for GIFs on WhatsApp is to use the Google keyboard. If you have not yet installed it on your Android you can download it from the Play Store. Once you have opened a chat and the keyboard, you have to click on the emoticon symbol that is usually found at the bottom and the keyboard emoji screen will open, as depicted in the first image of the gallery below:

    Note the button "GIF”: Clicking on it will also open the search bar. Just type in a keyword, for example "hello", and the search for GIFs will start. The Google keyboard also shows you some search suggestions such as "recently used", "high five", "applause" and so on. To send the GIF, simply select it and then it can be sent in your contact's chat.


    How to search for GIFs on WhastApp with iPhone and iPad

    The procedure is really simple: open a chat and press on the Google keyboard (if you have it installed) or classic, and press the key related to the emoticons. You will notice, as in the following image, the word "GIF":

    Pressing on "GIF" you will see numerous animated images of all kinds. As for the Google keyboard you will have some suggestions at the bottom such as "LOVE", "SAD" etc. otherwise you can use the search bar that will appear - both for the Google keyboard and for the classic - to search for a different GIF. All you have to do is type in the keyword and it will start searching for GIFs.

    To send the GIF that hit you, just touch it: that's it!

    How to search for GIFs with WhatsApp Web

    Also on Web WhatsApp the procedure is very easy: open a conversation and at the bottom left you will find the emoticon face. Clicking it will open the smiley face window: you can see that the word "GIF" is written in the last box. Click on it and immediately you will see many animated images to choose from. If, on the other hand, you want to try your hand at searching for GIFs on WhatsApp, just type the keyword in the search bar in full view.

    In this way, even with WhatsApp Web you cannot give up on funny GIFs!

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