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    How to recover deleted WhatsApp videos

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    Making mistakes is human, and with technology it is even more so, especially when you are not very used to it. There are many cases in which, during the removal of useless media to lighten the memory of your smartphone, it happens to delete some import anti. This often happens with photos and WhatsApp video, the well-known messaging platform also used to exchange multimedia content, even just for a good morning. Here then in this guide we will see how to recover deleted WhatsApp videos, be on Android that of iOS!


    • Restore backups from the cloud
    • Services for recovering deleted videos


    Method 1: Restore a backup from the cloud

    Android: restore a backup from Google Drive

    If you have recently deleted your precious video, but you have a chat backup done recently on the cloud - do you know how to backup WhatsApp, true? - the plus method effective it can be just that of restore this backup. Here's how to do it:

    • Uninstall WhatsApp from the smartphone;
    • Install it again from the Play Store;
    • Proceed to configuration application;
    • If there is a backup, it will be automatically detected and you will be asked if you want to restore it. Confirm;
    • Now you should find everything in its place.

    NOTE: : If you don't have a backup in the cloud, you may have one saved locally in the memory of your smartphone. You can check by going to the Whatsapp settings in the section Chat -> Backup of chats and check the local backup date. If this is recent, you can proceed alike that we have just pointed out to you.

    iOS: restore a backup from iCloud

    Regarding restoring a backup from iCloud - here's how to backup - the procedure is the same as for Android:

    • Check when the backup dates in the Whatsapp settings, then Chat -> Backup of chats;
    • If it's recent enough, uninstalled Whatsapp;
    • Reinstallatelo dall’App Store;
    • proceed with configuration and confirmed wanting to restore the backup;

    You will then realize that this way to recover your beloved missing videos it's the same also to recover chats and photos. In fact the backup will restore these three types of content. If you don't usually backup Whatsapp often, know that there are special services to try to recover mistakenly deleted videos, most of which however are a payment, so it's up to you to decide if recovering the lost media is worth the expense.

    Method 2: Services for recovering deleted Whatsapp videos

    Dr.fone (Android and iOS)

    Dr.fone is a good service available for both Windows that for Mac which allows you to recover not just videos, but many other types of data from yours smartphone Android or yours iPhone. We have already explained how it works in a dedicated article which we recommend taking a look:

    DiskDigger Pro (Android)

    DiskDigger Pro is a powerful application for recovering files on Android since take advantage of root permissions - only if enabled of course, you can find the guide on how to root your smartphone here - like many other apps of this kind after all. Without them you will be able to recover photos only, and in low quality.

    Here's how to proceed with file recovery:

    • Once the application is launched, grant it root access through the window that opens in front of you;
    • Decide which directory to retrieve your files from. In the case of the internal memory, which is what interests us because it is where the Whatsapp data is stored, select /date;

    • Select the format of the files to be recovered. For videos then select MP4;
    • Start the scan pressing OK and wait;
    • When the search is over, check the thumbnail of the video you want to recover;

    • Click on the button Recover and decide whether to save the recovered files in the phone memory or on one of your services in cloud;

    • Done!

    You can buy DiskDigger Pro from the Play Store at a price of  € 3,37.

    Undeleter (Android)

    An alternative a slightly cheaper DiskDigger (2,75€), is Undeleter, another valid service for data recovery. There is also one free version, but will not allow you to save the recovered data.

    The operation of Undeleter is practically the same as that of DiskDigger, so the procedure explained above also applies to this app.

    Undeleter is only available for Android, uses root permissions and you can download it here.

    Conclusions and how to avoid making the same mistake

    After all this, this guide on how to recover Whatsapp videos has come to an end. As you may have guessed, going to fetch lost data can be a bit of a hassle, and at times it could even cost you money. The advice, therefore, which is more suitable for this type of situation in order not to make the same mistake is: backup often!

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