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    How to read WhatsApp messages without viewing on iPhone

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    The nightmare of many WhatsApp users is undoubtedly the much discussed read receipt, that is the double blue check mark which indicates when one of the two interlocutors actually reads the message received. In this guide, however, we will illustrate a very simple method, which will allow all iPhone users to read a received message, while avoiding the aforementioned double check from appearing.

    Avoid WhatsApp read receipt on iPhone

    In reality, the method that we will see very soon, turns out to be also available on other messaging applications, such as Telegram, Messenger or Signal, but for convenience, we will illustrate the procedure only on WhatsApp.

    The only precautions to have in order to perform the actions that we will see without problems will concern the updates. On the iPhone, in fact, it will be necessary to own at least iOS 13, while for WhatsApp, we recommend in any case update to the latest version available. Once you have verified the two information, you can proceed.

    • Open the WhatsApp application
    • Access the screen of all chats, without opening any
    • Press and hold on the chat to "spy" until a pop-up with a preview of the conversation
    • Read the received message and remove your finger from the screen

    In this way, the chat preview will disappear again, but the message will still be unread, both for the sender and for the recipient.

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