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    How to password protect WhatsApp

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    Are you jealous of your conversations and are you afraid that anyone who has your smartphone in their hands can snoop in WhatsApp? Do you think the lock screen pattern is not enough to protect you or, for some reason, you had to reveal it to someone?

    In short, for one reason or another do you need to protect WhatsApp with a password to prevent prying eyes from reading your messages?

    Then you are in the right place: there is a free app for Android, such "Messenger and chat block", which allows you to complete exactly this task!

    Let's see how it works together.

    How to password protect WhatsApp

    The first thing to do is download "Messenger and Chat block" (ChatLock + Free) directly from the link below and proceed with the installation on the device.

    DOWNLOAD | Messenger Chat Blocco (Google Play Store)

    At the first opening of the program you will be asked to enter and repeat the PIN and, if necessary, to grant permissions for the functioning of the app.

    Once you have completed both operations, you can protect WhatsApp with a password by simply setting the corresponding switch to "On". It is possible to do the same with the other supported apps - including Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, Skype, the gallery and the Messages app itself.

    When you activate the protection you can choose whether the PIN must be requested immediately after closing of the app or if, before the next request it will have to pass some time (for example two minutes), great feature for those who continuously open and close the messaging apps.

    By tapping on the wheel Settings at the top right you can further refine the behavior of the app with aspects such as:

    • requesting the PIN to access the Android settings;
    • the non-display of notifications related to protected apps;
    • the PIN request in case of an attempt to uninstall the app;
    • the PIN request in case you try to open the Google Play Store;
    • modifies the PIN.

    In defined Messenger and Chat Lock is a great app to password protect WhatsApp in no time at all. However, it should be specified that this is an ad-supported app and that, consequently, advertising messages may be displayed during its use.

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