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    How to mute a WhatsApp contact

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    We all have that friend who spends most of the day having fun by sending videos, images, links and messages continuously on Whatsapp, unaware that in the long run his behavior could "hurt us" making us want to silence him for a while without for him to notice.

    For this reason, today I will show you how you can mute a friend on WhatsApp with an Android, iOS device and on WhatsApp Web in a few simple steps.

    Mute a chat on Android and iPhone

    For both, the procedure to follow is very similar, all you have to do is open the conversation of the "annoying" friend and tap his name located at the top of the chat in question to be able to open the custom settings screen between you and that contact .

    Among the many information, the one that interests you is the voice silent which will allow you to view a drop-down menu where you can decide whether to silence your friend's notifications and messages for 8 hours - 1 week or 1 year. 

    After making your choice and selecting the option that interests you most, to confirm everything, click on OK And that's it. In case of second thoughts, just follow all the steps again, press on Silent and tap on the item Turn volume back on (for the iPhone) or move the lever next to the word Silent (for Android devices).

    Mute a chat on WhatsApp Web

    Even on WhatsApp Web it is possible to silence a chat and the steps to follow are always very simple. First, connect via your browser on Whatsapp Web, click on the desired chat as if you would like to send a message to the person in question, touch his name located at the top of the chat and you will see a new screen appear on the right with all the Contact info. 

    All you have to do, as on the mobile device, is to click on the Silent item and always choose between the three options (silence for 8 hours - 1 week - 1 year) confirming everything by pressing on SILENT. If you change your mind, go through the usual steps again, and after clicking on Silent, the item will pop up Turn volume back on.



    Finally, no more annoyances and continuous notification sounds from your friend. As you have seen it is really easy and fast to silence someone on Whatsapp but if you have doubts and something is not clear to you, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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