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    How to make the most of WhatsApp Business

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    Communication with the customer is one of the main points to build your business. The popular instant messaging platform now owned by Facebook can also play a key role in this. We from ChimeraRevo we have decided to make an article in which we will explain how to make the most of WhatsApp Business, a particular version of WhatsApp with additional features designed specifically for companies that want to optimize the relationship with customers.

    WhatsApp Business: what it is and what it is for

    As anticipated in the last few lines, WhatsApp Business is a version of the popular instant messaging app that allows companies to stay in touch with their customers by providing interaction tools to simplify their work.

    Not long ago we wrote and published a complete guide in which we told you about how WhatsApp works Business. We recommend that you read it to find out more information. Also, if you are interested in knowing the differences with WhatsApp standard, you can take a look at our dedicated article.

    Suffice it to say that WhatsApp Business it is not a service to be subscribed and / or purchased and added to the classic messaging software application but it is a real application to be downloaded and installed separately on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

    How to make the most of WhatsApp Business

    As we will see in the next lines, thanks to WhatsApp Business you can simplify multiple operations and access a series of intuitive and very useful tools that will allow you to optimize various operations for your business.

    Describe your business

    Inside WhatsApp Business you can customize various information regarding your company such as the name, the description of the activity that takes place and the category to which it belongs. In short, it is a sort of biography that allows the customer to know all the information regarding your business.

    Set the opening hours

    Just like you can do with Google My business e Facebook, also on WhatsApp Business you can enter the opening and closing times to allow customers to know in real time if you are available or not.

    Be found more easily

    By taking advantage of a specific feature of WhatsApp Business, you can set a geotag to allow your customers to find you in a much easier way. This practical feature will avoid replying to messages from customers who want to know the country where the company is located.

    Create a product catalog

    We continue to see how to make the most of WhatsApp Business talking about the possibility of creating a real virtual shop thanks to the possibility of inserting a product catalog. In particular, with WhatsApp Business can be realizzare a showcase of articles with name, price, photo, description, product code and link to make the direct purchase on your e-commerce.

    Enter email and link

    You can give your customers an additional contact option by entering an e-mail address to which e-mails will be delivered. Furthermore, if you have an e-commerce, you can insert the direct link to give people the opportunity to browse your entire catalog and learn additional information about your business with a simple tap.

    Create a direct link to WhatsApp

    One of the most interesting features proposed by WhatsApp Business is to be able to create a direct link to your WhatsApp to send to customers so they can contact you easily and above all quickly without necessarily saving the phone number in the address book. In addition, the link can be connected to a landline number and of course insert it on your website

    Create personalized messages

    With the instant messaging platform dedicated to companies it is also possible create one or more predefined messages. For example, you can enter a welcome message or one to use in your absence to inform customers.

    Catalog messages with colored labels

    With WhatsApp Business you can create customized and colored labels that allow you to differentiate the messages. For example, you can use the green color to easily identify new customers or the blue color to categorize orders that have been shipped correctly.

    Leverage states to upgrade your customers

    Thanks to the potential offered by the States, you can easily inform your customers about the arrival of new products, the launch of new offers and much more.

    Connect WhatsApp Business to Facebook Business Manager

    Business Manager is a tool designed by Facebook which allows you to easily manage advertising accounts, pages and the people who work on them within one place and above all at no additional cost. That said, WhatsApp Business integrates a feature that allows you to easily link your account to the instrument Business Manager of the famous social network.

    Create and use broadcast lists

    We close this article dedicated to how to make the most of WhatsApp Business talking to you about the possibility of create and use list Broadcast. This feature, also present in the standard version of the instant messaging app, allows you to send the same message to several contacts at the same time. This way, you don't have to type or copy a message and send it to individual recipients. To create a broadcast list, simply press the appropriate button on the main screen of WhatsApp Business and follow the guided procedure.

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