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    How to know if someone has me on WhatsApp

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    WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging services in the world; the latter, in addition to being very useful for communicating, allows you to discover various information on the contacts added to your address book. Very often it can happen that strangers or people with whom you do not intend to speak are among your WhatsApp contacts and therefore have access to your info, such as your status or profile picture. If that's your intention understand if anyone has you on WhatsApp, you have come to the right place, as in this guide we will explain how to do it.

    How to know if someone has me on WhatsApp

    To understand if some stranger has you among his contacts on WhatsApp, the steps to follow are very few and simple:

    • open WhatsApp and go to the section Chat;
    • pressed on three dots at the top right and select the item New Broadcast, if you are on iPhone you will have to press on the voice instead List Broadcast;
    • at this point you will see one appear list with all the people who have your contact on WhatsApp.

    With the latest updates this method has changed slightly. In fact, through these steps, only the contacts in your address book will be shown, which in turn have your number saved on their smartphone.

    Be a person saw ha stuck on WhatsApp, but still keeps you in its address book, it will still appear in the list with a gray icon.

    There are several ways to find out if a person has blocked you on WhatsApp; if it is your intention to know them, we advise you to consult our special guide on how to understand if we have been blocked on WhatsApp.

    In case you do not know who a certain number belongs to and it is your intention to find out, we advise you to consult our special guide on how to find who a phone number belongs to.

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