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    How to fix Whatsapp conversations at the top

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    Your Whatsapp will surely be full of active and non-active conversations, and many times it is difficult to find the most important contact for you in a few seconds given the arrival of continuous messages from several different chats. The classic procedure to identify it would be to scroll through all the active chats on the main screen of the app and finally select the one that interests you.

    Another method is to write the person's name in the search bar. But there is a much simpler and more timely way that allows you not only to find the conversation you want immediately but also to always leave it fixed at the top of the chat list, thus avoiding, with the arrival of new messages, to constantly lose sight of it.

    How to fix a WhatsApp chat

    The first thing to know is that, unfortunately, it is possible to select and fix a maximum of 3 chats at the top of the list, no more, at least for the moment.

    All you have to do is open Whatsapp and follow these three points:

    1.  Identify the chat you want to fix and hold your finger on it, if you want to add more just tap the other two chosen chats;
    2. At the top, various icons will appear including that of a pushpin;
    3. Click on this icon and a small writing will appear in the center of the screen to confirm everything, plus you will notice the pin icon next to the chat fixed to further ensure the successful completion of the operation.

    From this moment, the fixed chats will always remain in evidence at the top of the Whatsapp list and they will not be moved even with the arrival of new messages from other contacts. If over time, however, you decide to archive one of these chats, remember that when you retrieve it you will have to set it back as fixed, because by chasing it out of the archive it will no longer be in evidence.

    To be able to remove conversations from above, you will have to perform the same steps, then hold down on the chat and touch the pin icon crossed out.


    Fixing Whatsapp chats, as you have noticed, is a new method introduced that is very comfortable and simple to perform but if you have any doubts or difficulties about it, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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