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    How to delete the new Whatsapp status

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    You don't like the new update that Whatsapp has undergone, or the introduction of the new concept of WhatsApp status that so much resembles the stories of Facebook and Instagram?

    If you want to return to "normal" and restore the classic 3 cards, saying goodbye to stories, there is a solution. But with reservations.

    Before continuing, we specify that we of whatsapplovers we have found a remedy for this problem but we must first warn you that it is not a procedure lawful, since we are going to install a modification of the classic Whatsapp and this violates the Policy of the app.

    No we assume no responsibility regarding the decisions that the user makes on the basis of the aforementioned information.


    First we must uninstall Whatsapp: we strongly recommend to make a backup of the chats because otherwise they would be lost, but fear not.

    Whatsapp + (WhatsApp Plus) is an app almost equal to the classic WhatsApp and it will be thanks to him that you can say goodbye to the new status of WhatsApp.

    After the uninstall we have to go to the Settings of our phone, plug in the tab safety scroll to unknown origins and select to enable them. If you haven't, see our following article for an in-depth guide:

    Now that the unknown sources are active, we will be able to install Whatsapp Plus which, we reiterate, is not present in the Play Store since it is an application that violates the rules.


    To install Whatsapp + we must go to this web address: since it is not legal, the site may close at any moment, in which case another version of the apk may be available in another portal but we do not guarantee that works since you could install some virus in the mobile phone and it certainly wouldn't be pleasant!

    We recommend that you go to the address with adblock to avoid possible popups and annoying advertisements that would not allow you to download the application.

    After downloading the file, called last.apk, let's proceed to install it: it will be the same as an installation performed outside the Play Store.


    Then open the application (with the same logo but colored by blu intense) and carry out the classic number activation procedures and you will also be asked for the double check if you have activated it previously.

    Restoring chats

    After the recognition procedure, you will be asked to resume the backup from your Gmail account. Personally I recommend not doing it right away because I noticed a big slowdown that was not very pleasant.

    Then tap on ignored and keep going (you can anyway restore backup your chats later)

    Set up the old WhatsApp interface

    Then continue and the log, that is, all the updates and improvements of the app over time on the various versions, tapped on OK and you will see a dark screen with the indication in English which basically reads: "if you don't like the new interface with the status you can change it with the classic" and it will give you instructions on how to do it, but they are not very easy to understand.

    Recall that the'application it's in English but some informational messages may be in English.

    We plug up again OK at the bottom left and we will see that this version of Whatsapp looks the same as the classic, but if we touch on three dots at the top right we will notice features particularly interesting and absolutely unpublished for classic users of the messaging service.

    Always in the drop-down menu that arose after touching the three dots we're going to plug up Plus Options and a new list will open with the popup inviting you to follow the developer on Twitter. Now tap on Cancel and scroll down to the point 6 Other MOD and enter and scroll down to the point again 6.8 Old UI e tappatelo!

    At this point Whatsapp Plus it could be arrested.

    Reopen the application and selecting again the three dots at the top right click on Restart.

    The application will restart and as if by magic you will get your good old Whatsapp back with Calls, Chat e Contacts.

    We hope we have been helpful and let us know if you intend to take this step to avoid the looming of the new WhatsApp status!

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