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    How to defend yourself from those who spy on WhatsApp

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    Did you realize that someone spies on you on Whatsapp and you don't know how to do it? Do not be alarmed, we are here to explain you step by step how to protect yourself from those who want to steal your privacy! You can put an end to this intrusion through various possible methods either with a iPhone that with Android or with a PC: don't worry, the procedures are simple to follow and in a few minutes you can be safe from all meddlers. Let's begin !

    First of all, we guarantee that Whatsapp has now become very safe as an app, and this type of intrusion does not depend on the application but often on the distraction of the user or from spy apps installed on the smartphone.

    Who spies your Whatsapp with WhatsApp Web

    The first procedure we advise you to follow is to check the list of computers that are connected to Whatsapp, is a sort of non-visible list that remains so until someone connects to your Whatsapp Web account. As you know, to access Whatsapp from your PC you need to scan the QR code and you will notice the words "stay connected". Leaving it enabled, if you forget to log out, you will give free access to your Whatsapp and someone could easily spy on your chats without your knowledge.

    But avoiding this is very easy: you have to check the list of connected computers and to do this you have to open your Whatsapp application on your smartphone or tablet, click on settings and then on Whatsapp Web. The list of connected computers: you can see where it is connected, when the last activity took place and from what operating system. To prevent being spied on, just click on "log out of all computers”And in this way every PC connected to WhatsApp Web will be disconnected.

    Defend yourself from those who visit the WhatsApp status

    Have you ever wondered who constantly watches your Whatsapp profile, or rather your WhatsApp status? The whatsapp status allows you to share temporary photos and videos lasting 24 hours: you can find out who frequently watches the status and if there is someone who stalks you you can "exclude" it.

    You can choose to block the WhatsApp contact or simply exclude it from viewing your statuses. To do this you need to change the privacy by going to:

    1. State.
    2. Menu > State privacy.
    3. Choose who can see your updates.

    Disable the preview of Whatsapp notifications

    Another way to be spied on can come frompreview of Whatsapp notifications: when you receive a message on the lock screen of your smartphone, you will see the person who wrote you and the content of the message. To avoid this, since anyone can pick up your phone and watch, you can turn off the notification preview. For iOS the solution is very simple: you have to go to the item "Show preview”And you can find it by clicking on settings (of WhatsApp) and then on notifications, then you just need to click on the button off and the content and sender of your message will not be displayed.

    As for Android, on the other hand, it is possible to do this by going to the security settings of your operating system: the operation changes from smartphone to smartphone and may also vary depending on the model of device used.

    How to hide the Whatsapp profile picture

    The photo of your Whatsapp profiles can be seen by anyone, even by those who do not have in the address book. To avoid this, you can make it visible only to saved contacts, so you can be safe from prying eyes. How to do?

    You will have to click on Settings, later on the item Account, Then Privacy e Profile picture, then just select who to make it visible according to your needs.

    How to hide the last Whatsapp login

    Often times it's really overwhelming to see who is constantly watching your movements, even how many times you log into the application and at what time. To avoid this you can cut the bull's head: simply hide the last access to all by going to the settings, Then Account, later on Privacy and then Last access. It will be up to you to choose whether to make it visible to all, the no or just yours contacts.

    How not to be seen online on Whatsapp

    Also to have a little privacy this trick will be very convenient, so you can also avoid being contacted by people you do not want that as soon as they see your message "online" they are ready to fill you with messages. To do this, the steps to follow are really very simple, but they will require you to download the appropriate applications. As for Android, you need to download the application Unseen without the need to have the root, this application in addition to hiding the online writing also offers you many other useful services. As for iOS, however, we recommend that you have Cydia and jailbreak through which you can download Watusi for free.

    How to disable the double blue check

    This trick is not so convenient because on groups it is not possible, in addition, not being able to remove it only from a chat, many would ask you why this choice was made, so it is better to read the conversations when you are offline.

    How to make info on Whatsapp invisible

    This trick is also very interesting, it's about how to hide WhatsApp info. We must go on the voice Privacy and then click on Info, it will be up to you to choose to make your info visible to everyone, your contacts or anyone. For more info see the following article.

    How to uninstall spy programs or applications

    There are now many ways to spy on WhatsApp and often this requires the installation of spy app. Sometimes even harmless apps can become a threat if misused; on Android, for example, there is an app that is an excellent anti-theft: "Cerberus". It could become your worst enemy if it is tampered with by some bad guy. But even on iOS and on computers there is a lot of danger, the most important thing is to delete all suspicious programs and applications. An article dedicated to this topic and to WhatsApp spy apps will soon arrive.

    Set the screen lock

    A classic but efficient way to avoid being spied on is the lock screen, located in all smartphones, and allows you to keep your device safe through a PIN or a pattern or other methods. Only those who know the pattern or PIN can access the device and start WhatsApp (or install spy apps).

    Here are some of our insights:


    Use a Whatsapp password

    In addition to activating the lock screen, you can also use a access code for Whatsapp, so you can safely lend your phone without the danger of someone spying on your chats. To set the WhatsApp password you can consult our following in-depth analysis:


    Activate two-step verification on Whatsapp

    By activating the two-factor authentication of Whatsapp you will increase the security measure of the app. We talked about it in depth in our following article:

    Avoid public hotspots and WiFi

    A tip we give you to avoid being spied on is to stay away from unsecured public WiFi hotspots, especially if they are open networks. We always recommend using VPN for browsing. For more info consult our in-depth analysis.

    Using a VPN on Whastapp

    A VPN, Virtual Private Network, consists of a proxy server that allows you to create anonymous and encrypted messages through AES 128 bit or 256 bit encryption, and whoever tries to invade your chats will only receive encrypted messages that are impossible to decrypt.

    Setting up a VPN is very simple and below you will find a list of our dedicated articles:

    • VPN: what they are and everything you need to know
    • The best VPNs for anonymous surfing
    • The best free VPNs for Android



    As you can see there are many methods to protect yourself from hackers or simple spies, it is up to you to choose the most suitable for your situation and your needs, always be careful and never take anything for granted.

    If you have any questions or other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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