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    How to clean WhatsApp completely

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    Has your device been showing you a message regarding insufficient storage space for a few days? The problem could be due to all the files downloaded via the instant messaging platform, therefore, photos, videos and audio messages. Within this new guide today, we will explain specifically how to clean WhatsApp completely by carrying out some simple operations on your personal device.

    How to clean WhatsApp completely on Android

    In order to carry out the complete cleaning on an Android device, you can use multiple solutions that we are going to explain specifically below.

    The first piece of advice we give you is to delete all multimedia files received via WhatsApp, then photos, videos, voicemails, documents, and so on.

    To delete all files received from a single user, carefully follow the steps listed below:

    • Grab your device, open the instant messaging app and then press on conversazione desired.
    • In the next step, press on 3 dots at the top right and choose Media from the menu that appears to access the screen Media.
    • To proceed with the cancellation, make one long press on the first image and then tap on the rest of the contents present.
    • Once this procedure is complete, press on basket at the top right, check the item Delete media from phone if it is not there and click on Delete for me. Do the same for documents and links as well.

    If, on the other hand, you want to delete all multimedia and non-multimedia files received from a single user, do this:

    • Also from the home screen of WhatsApp, press on conversazione and then press on 3 dots top right.
    • From the menu that appears, tap on Other and choose Empty.
    • Complete the operation by ticking the option Delete media from phone and tapping on Empty.

    In case you would like to delete all files received and / or sent through WhatsApp, then you just need to use a simple one File Manager like the one integrated in your Android device (eg Archive in Samsung devices).

    All you have to do is choose Internal Memory o SD card, depending on where the files are saved, and locate the folder WhatsApp. Once this is done, to delete all multimedia files, make a long press on the folder Media and then identify thetrash can icon and plug it on. Alternatively, if you want to delete specific files, then tap on Media, do one long press on the desired folder according to the contents to be deleted and proceed with the deletion.

    Below you will find some useful information about the directories present in Media:

    • WallPaper: wallpapers
    • WhatsApp Animated Gifs: GIF
    • WhatsApp Audio: songs
    • WhatsApp Documents: documents
    • WhatsApp Images: images
    • WhatsApp Profile Pictures: used profile pictures
    • WhatsApp Stickers: stickers
    • WhatsApp Video: video
    • WhatsApp Voice Notes: voice messages

    If you want to get specific, for example you only want to delete some images, follow the path Internal memory / SD card > WhatsApp > Media, choose the folder based on the files to be deleted, select the content in question and proceed with the deletion by pressing on the recycle bin.

    If you had activated the automatic backup of the conversations of WhatsApp, you can recover space on your device by deleting local saves. To do this, always open the fillet manager, choose Internal Memory o SD card, open the folder of WhatsApp and choose Databases. Once this is done, select all the available files and proceed with the operation by pressing ontrash can icon.

    Before doing this, however, we advise you to enable backup to Google Drive, the cloud storage service proposed by the Mountain View giant. To do this, open the WhatsApp, press on 3 dots at the top right and choose Settings. Once done, tap on Chat, click on Backup of chats and then choose Backup to Google Drive and tick one of your favorite options from Daily, Weekly o Monthly.

    Another solution for completely clean WhatsApp on Android is to restore the application using the Settings of the device. Having said that, click on the icon gear present on the home screen, in the drawer or by pulling down the notification curtain, choose Applications and search WhatsApp. On the Application Information screen, tap on Storage memory (o Storage space), choose Clear data and confirm the operation by pressing on OK.

    The last method we recommend that you use to completely clean the instant messaging application is to take advantage of a called application Cleaner for WhatsApp. This tool allows you to find and delete files sent and received via WhatsApp with the aim of saving precious space on the device. In addition to this, there is also a function that allows you to detect any duplicate files and delete them.

    Having said that, let's see together how it works:

    • Proceed with the download from the Google Play Store of WhatsApp and run it once the installation is complete.
    • After a short scan, WhatsApp Cleaner it will show you all the files divided by categories (such as images, audio, video, profile images, wallpaper, voice notes, documents, calls, databases) and a box with the total MB occupied by everything.
    • To proceed with the complete deletion of all elements belonging to the messaging app, click ontrash can icon present at the bottom right and confirm by pressing on OK. Alternatively, if you want to delete only all or some images, click on Images, click ontrash can icon present at the bottom and tapped on OK. Again, make a long press on the first photo and then select the remaining ones to delete. Complete the operation by pressing the basket top right and confirming on OK. Of course, these steps also apply to all other file types.

    In addition to WhatsApp Cleaner, we suggest you use two other very simple and free applications: WCleaner for WA and Cleaner for WhatsApp.

    How to clean WhatsApp completely on iPhone

    If you own a iPhone, it is possible to delete the desired contents in a different way from what is seen on Android as iOS does not allow, for example, to use theapp File or a specific application to delete the contents.

    In the case of images and videos, it is necessary to operatePhoto app di Apple. So, open the software from the home screen of iOS, click on Albums tab at the bottom and then locate the album of WhatsApp.

    Once this is done, press on Select at the top right and click on the preview of the images and / or videos you wish to delete. Conclude the operation by pressing on basket bottom right, then on the item Delete ed infine your Delete photo / Delete video / Delete X elements. Remember that this operation will also delete the multimedia files on iCloud.

    As for the rest of the other files generated via WhatsApp such as voice messages and documents, they can be deleted through the messaging software itself. To do this, open WhatsApp, press on the conversation and then press on contact name located at the top.

    Once this is done, choose Media, link and documenti, press on the card Media if you want to delete images, videos and audio files, Doc for documents or Link for links. At this point, tap on Select at the top right, click on the previews of the files to be deleted, click on basket bottom right and tap on Delete for me to confirm the deletion.

    If, on the other hand, you wish to make a complete cleaning, you have to do this: open the messaging app, tap on Settings and choose I use data and archives and then utilization archive.

    Within the screen that appears, click on the conversation you want to delete and then click on Manage ... present at the bottom. In conclusion, check the contents you want to delete (eg. Gallery, Voice Messages o Video) and tap on Empty per due turn consecutive.

    How to clean WhatsApp completely from PC

    Many do not know this but it is possible to use the client as well WhatsApp for computer to delete all media concerning one or more conversations. That said, if you haven't WhatsApp for PC, you can proceed with the download via the official website by pressing the green button that appears in the section Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC.

    Once the installation is complete, scan the QR code that appears on the screen via the option Web WhatsApp present within the messaging app on your mobile device (3 dots top right> Web WhatsApp from the menu that appears) and then locate the chat whose media, links and documents you want to delete.

    From the conversation screen, tap on contact name placed at the top and then choose Media, link and documenti. In the next step, tap on the board Media, Documents o Link depending on the files to be deleted, select the individual elements by pressing on transparent check that appears at the top left of each miniature, press on basket at the top right, make sure the option is ticked Delete files from your phone and confirm the cancellation by pressing on Delete for me.

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