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    How to check WhatsApp on another phone

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    Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most used and appreciated instant messaging app in the city. For this, there are various methods for check Whatsapp from another device. But be careful! Some of these can be used against you by bad guys who want to spy on your messages and logins.

    In this guide we will explain how all this is possible and feasible, and how to behave accordingly, to prevent such acts of espionage. Because the best defense is offense, right?

    Whatsapp Web

    The main method to check the Whatsapp profile of your smartphone is to access Whatsapp Web, a free service offered by Whatsapp itself to remotely control your messages. This service is very convenient in office situations, where you are in front of your PC and having your smartphone on your desk is just a hindrance.

    Accessing Whatsapp Web is very simple.

    1. First, connect to the Whatsapp Web site. A very simple screen will appear with a QR code like the following:
    2. Now, from your smartphone, access Whatsapp.
      • One smartphone is possiedi Android, tap on the icon Menu (see figure below) and then on the item Whatsapp Web.
      • One smartphone is possiedi iOS select the icon at the bottom right Settings, so go up Whatsapp Web.
    3. A screen like this will open:
      What you have to do is then frame the PC screen with the smartphone, and more precisely, the QR code that appeared in point 1. If you have been slow to follow these steps, Whatsapp Web will ask you to generate a new code; don't worry, go ahead.

    NB Have you granted Whatsapp permission to use your smartphone's camera? If not, step 3 will ask you to allow the app to use the camera to proceed. Choose Continue and then confirm this operation.

    Then there are other applications, available for both Android and iOS, which, like Whatsapp Web, allow you to clone what are private chats in order to respond remotely to Whatsapp messages.

    • If you have Android, try ZapClone;
    • If you have iOS, take a look at WzPad (this one in particular works on iPad).

    The installation of these applications always requires you to log in to the Whatsapp Web site and scan the QR Code generated by the web page itself.

    Applications to control other people's phones

    On the various Stores of your Android and iOS devices there are many applications for parental control, which can be useful for parents to control the excessive (or worse, dangerous) use of the smartphone by their children.

    Among the various options, there is also that of limiting or even blocking the use of certain applications (Whatsapp, in this case).

    But be careful: with these apps the messages exchanged are not checked, nor will the voice notes be listened to send to the address of the phone you want to remotely control.

    Among the best parental control apps are:

    1. Google Family Link (link Play Store | link App Store)
    2. Qustodio (link Play Store | link App Store)
    3. Screen Time (link Play Store  | link App Store)

    The KeyLoggers (i.e., the Spy Apps)

    There are tools that are much more powerful than the applications discussed so far, and much more dangerous for your privacy. We are talking about apps KeyLogger (or Keyboard Capturing), i.e. apps that save everything typed on the keyboard to a file. Just to mention a couple of these apps, SpyMie (free) and iKeyMonitor (free trial for three days, then $ 49.99 per month) allow you to monitor any action performed on the phone on which they are installed, from the comfort of your home PC.

    Applications for controlling other people's Whatsapp access

    For those who "are satisfied" with spying on Whatsapp accesses, they can try different solutions, including WhatsAgent (available on both the Play Store and the App Store) e OnLog (Play Store). These applications are able to generate daily reports of both entries and exits from Whatsapp, and the minutes spent on the app of the spied person.

    How to defend yourself

    Having exposed all these applications and their methods of installation and use, let's get to the point. How to defend yourself from bad guys who try to spy on your conversations?

    The first answer may seem trivial, but it is certainly the most effective weapon: use common sense. As you could have guessed, each application described above requires that any attacker have your smartphone at hand. So, to make sure nothing affects your precious privacy, be careful not to forget your phone unattended and not to lend it to strangers.

    In case you have not already done so, enable a security system when turning on the screen, which may be a PIN your Fingerprint, or, if your smartphone allows it, facial recognition.

    1. If you have a smartphone Android , go up Settings, then up Safety and location. Under the heading Device security you can choose all the methods available to unlock your smartphone once it has gone to stand-by. 
    2. If, on the other hand, your smartphone has an operating system iOS, go up Settings, then, from the menu, choose one of Code, Touch ID and code e FaceID and code depending on your iPhone model. Finally, select Change code.


    If you want to be sure that none of the spy apps are installed on your device, proceed as follows:

    1. If you own a device Android, go up Settings, then up Safety ed infine your Device administration app. From here you can check all those apps that have permission to check permission. If in this list there are unsafe apps, or at least apps that you do not recognize or that you do not remember having installed, proceed immediately with the deactivation (just click on the name of the app in the list and then select Disable this device admin app) and uninstall.
    2. If you have a device instead iOS unlocked via Jailbreak, go to the browser and connect to the addresses localhost: 8888 e localhost: 4444. Alternatively, try dialing the code on the numeric keypad * 12345. If by performing one of these operations you see the management panel of an app to spy on the phone appear, uninstall that app via Cydia.

    To have a little more privacy on Whatsapp, you will instead have to intervene within the app itself.

    Then go up Settings then up Account ed infine your Privacy. Within this menu you will find all the information you share publicly, from the last access, to the profile picture up to the current position. If you want total privacy, select for each item shown in the menu Off.

    For added security, also activate the function Two-step verification, which consists of a PIN sent via email that will reach you every time you register your Whatsapp phone number. This function is useful for safeguarding your account, when an attacker wants to spy on you through another instance of Whatsapp.

    A final consideration must be made on the network Wi-Fi you connect to. Although Whatsapp has a end-to-end encryption, so each chat is protected from any actions by Sniffing by some malicious person, it is advisable do not connect to public Wi-Fi networks, unless strictly necessary. If you connect to one of these public networks, be careful not to take actions such as Online shopping e sending sensitive data through apps that do not have data encryption systems.

    Do you want to know more about how you can spy on Whatsapp and other tricks on the most popular messaging app in town? Here are some interesting articles.

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