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    How to automatically reply on Whatsapp

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    Have you ever wondered if there is a way to automatically reply to messages you receive on Whatsapp? Whatsapp is permanently part of the life of many users even if it is perhaps not the ideal messaging program. We have explained to you several tricks on this well-known messaging app, now we explain how to automate its reply messages.

    Automatically reply on Whatsapp: here's how!

    In order to automatically reply on Whatsapp you need a program that automatically knows how to undertake a behavior when certain conditions (pre-settable) occur, actually taking the place of a real user. Such programs are called Boots. We have already talked about it because such programs have some very interesting uses ranging from booking for you, to answering your questions to downloading music for you to even playing Pokemon Go for you.

    Returning to today's topic we see two solutions for schedule messages e reply automatically su whatsapp.

    first method

    There is a solution for those who do not have root privileges and do not intend to acquire them. All you need is the app Auto Reply for WhatsApp (available in the Play Store) which, as the name implies, allows you to automatically reply on Whatsapp. The app needs permission to access your notifications to work, but it doesn't need root.

    Auto Reply for WhatsApp it is very powerful and effective, it allows you to set rules that will follow to respond as you planned.

    Each rule will consist of three fields:

    1. the contact or contacts to reply to
    2. the text with which to reply
    3. The conditions.

    The configurable conditions are different ranging from a time or day of activity to the presence of a given word in the message received.

    A really effective and interesting app that is constantly improving, with only one major flaw: to each of your reply messages in the free version there will also be the writing by You can remove it by switching to the premium version at a cost of 2.39 €.

    Before purchasing, we advise you to thoroughly test the free version.

    Second method: AutoResponder for WhatsApp

    The second solution that we present to you is AutoResponder for WhatsApp (also called WA Chat Bot), is a free app that needs root to work. It is really an excellent solution allows:

    • To reply to some or all contacts via predefined messages
    • Reply only if the received message is the same as a preset one
    • Reply if the received message contains some words that you indicate
    • Many filters to customize the cases in which the program will respond
    • Possibility to automate messages by scheduling time and contact

    The app is available in the lite version for free on the play store. Also on the Google store there is a pro version that provides further options and the interesting possibility of using plugins.

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