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    How not to appear online on WhatsApp

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    It may happen that you want to exchange messages on WhatsApp, the famous messaging app, but without showing the last access or without appearing online. We can confirm that this is nothing impossible. In this article we will reveal to you in fact how not to appear online on WhatsApp.

    How to not appear online on WhatsApp

    do not appear online on WhatsApp just follow the procedure that we will explain below, which is extremely simple and fast.

    The first thing to do is to open the famous app; in case you have an Android device, you will have to tap on three dots at the top right, if you have an iOS device, you will have to tap on Settings bottom right. Once this is done, both in the case of Android and iOS devices, the procedure to follow will be the same. Click on Account, Then Privacy.

    At this point, tap on Last access. Once you have selected this item, you can choose whether to show your last access on the messaging app to everyone, only to your contacts or to none. In case you want maximum privacy, then you will have to tap on Nobody. However, there is a clarification: if you choose not to show your last access to anyone, not even you will be able to view the last access of others.

    How to hide your online status

    As for the state instead online, there is no official way to hide it yet, but we will teach you a little trick! Close the app, then set the Flight mode on your smartphone. At this point open WhatsApp, after that write e invest the message you want to send without them being able to see you online. After that, close again WhatsApp e deactivate Airplane Mode. In this way the message you sent will reach the person concerned, but you will appear offline!

    In case you want to hide your last login or online status from someone who, despite having taken this measure, continues to bother you, then we recommend that you consult our guide on how to block a contact on WhatsApp.

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