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    Hide whatsapp status from a contact

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    WhatsApp allows you to take advantage of it WhatsApp status to share photos, videos or phrases that will remain visible for 24 hours, after which they will then be automatically deleted. This is a function that simulates, in a simpler and "volatile" way, the bulletin board of the major social networks (such as Instagram stories) but which, however, could pose some privacy issue. In fact, the default settings of WhatsApp provide that the status updates are automatically visible to all the numbers saved in your address book (with the exception of the contacts to whom you have blocked the number on WhatsApp).

    This results in some exposure of personal data, which could create embarrassment.

    How to overcome this impasse? Of course, the simplest solution would be to avoid attacks on your privacy simply by sharing content that is not too invasive of your personal sphere. Not sharing anything could also be a viable option even if, in practice, forward-thinking developers have made a less radical solution available to users.

    So here's a tutorial on how to hide WhatsApp status from one or more contacts in your personal address book.

    Before entering into the merits of the guide it is important to premise some valid information regardless of the operating system mounted on your smartphone:

    • Any changes made to the privacy settings of the states (which we will discuss shortly) DON'T are retroactive. This means that the restrictions set at will, will be effective only on the contents published after the privacy modification. The only way to act on the published data before the change is to delete it from the flow in the Status tab.
    • If you have chosen to disable read receipts, you will not be able to see who has viewed the statuses already published.

    Content index

    • Hide WhatsApp status on Android
    • Hide WhatsApp status on iPhone
    • Hide WhatsApp status on Windows Phone

    Hide WhatsApp status from a contact on Android

    It being understood that the published status updates will only be visible from the telephone numbers actually present in the address book, as anticipated, it is anyway It is possible to carry out a further screening of those who will have real access to the shared data.

    For all users who have a smartphone that is equipped with an Android system, the steps to follow to hide WhatsApp status from one or more contacts are really simple:

    • Access WhatsApp from your phone;
    • Tap on the tab titled "State”And click on the icon dedicated to the Menu (three dots at the top right);
    • Touch "State privacy". In this way you will have access to the page dedicated to the selection of contacts can see the status updates. There you can opt to allow access to:
      • All contacts in the address book.
      • The contacts in the address book except some (by tapping this option you will be able to choose, by putting a red tick, all the contacts whose status you want to hide).
      • Share your contents with only some of the numbers in the phonebook.

    Change WhatsApp status privacy on iPhone

    For happy iPhone owners, the procedure is similar to the one described above:

    • Access WhatsApp from iPhone;
    • Access the "State"And tap on"Privacy";
    • Then select the contacts who can access the shared content and les jeux sont faits.

    Hide WhatsApp status on Windows Phone

    Even the (less happy?) Owners of Windows Phone will be able to carefully select the trusted people who will have access to the contents of their own status page. That's how:

    • Open WhatsApp and access the status screen;
    • Touch the icon "Other"(Graphically represented with three suspension points) and access"Privacy settings".
    • You will then access the dedicated page where you can choose who to grant access to your updates.

    Here is our guide dedicated to how to hide WhatsApp status from a contact. For more updates and information on the leading instant messaging application:

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