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    Green ticks WhatsApp: how they work

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    With over 1 billion active users every day, WhatsApp is the most used communication platform ever, and is often also exploited by companies, merchants, e-commerce and so on: here it is WahtsApp Business that he carries with him green ticks WhatsApp!

    But let's proceed calmly: first of all let's see what WhatsApp Business is, how WhatsApp green ticks work and above all why they will improve security and interaction between people and companies!

    WhatsApp Business

    Every day a lot of users get in touch with traders of all kinds and from all over the world. This obviously imposes limitations on both sides who they harm not only communication but also security.

    Think for example of a company that tries to stay in touch with hundreds of customers using a simple smartphone, or instead think of all those WhatsApp hoaxes that come to us every day from people who pretend to be trusted and safe!

    So here it is WhatsApp Business, a real application designed for companies and developed on their needs! By doing so, they will have the tools to pursue their business in the best way!

    On the other hand, we users will be able to "distinguish" a verified company (an account WhatsApp Business in short) by someone who tries to fraud or, even worse, by those who try to steal sensitive data or infect our smartphones: so here are the green WahatsApp ticks!

    Green ticks WhatsApp

    The question arises: how to recognize a verified WhatsApp Business account? Well, do you know how it already works with some Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages? When an account is verified, a check appears next to its name.

    And so it will be exactly for the green WhatsApp ticks: next to the contact name of a company that has been verified from WhatsApp itself and which is part of WhatsApp Business, a check like this will appear: 

    So here's what the green WhatsApp ticks are and what they indicate, but what is their usefulness? Let's see it in more detail:

    • SAFETY: conversations with WhatsApp Business accounts are (technically) safe from fraud, fishing attempts, hacking and so on, precisely because they are previously controlled and verified by WahtsApp.


    • NO SPAM: "spam" (aggressive advertising) was made possible by the fact that people "had" to trust a certain contact and were therefore inundated with messages, chains, advertising (often fraudulent): with verified accounts this phenomenon will be significantly marginalized and in any case, you can also block WhatsApp Business accounts.


    • FOR COMPANIES: with a Business account, and the related WhatsApp green ticks, companies will be able to interact more easily and effectively with their customers, and send them useful notifications such as flight times, delivery confirmations, or other updates.

    Get WhatsApp Business

    As announced on the official WhatsApp blog, WhatsApp Business features will be implemented within an application, free and for small businesses, which is already under development.

    In short, according to the blog, we will begin to see the green WhatsApp ticks in the "coming months" and therefore within end of 2017 (although it is not excluded that the tests may begin soon).

    We will keep you informed of any updates! And you, are you excited about this big change?


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