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    GBWhatsApp: the modified version of your dreams!

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    You like to use WhatsApp but they bother you the endless intrusions into your privacy? Love the instant messaging app but don't love them its limitations? To meet these needs, a very interesting modified version has been created that allows you to have the WhatsApp you have always dreamed of.

    Perhaps some will remember the excellent WhatsApp Plus, a modified version that allowed you to have many more functions and to better protect your privacy, from the ashes of that appreciated project this new and always updated project was born mod GBWhatsApp!

    If you care about your privacy and want to keep nosy people away, don't miss our insights on the subject:

    If, on the other hand, you are a fan of WhatsApp and want to use it to the fullest, don't miss all our guides!

    To install GBWhatsApp you don't need root, so you won't have any problems with the warranty. So that's enough for you any Android smartphone to enjoy all this mod has to offer.

    Why choose GBWhatsApp?

    What pushes you to choose this splendid version in favor of the official WhatsApp app is precisely the wealth of options, which finally allow us to make the most of the well-known messaging service and customize it completely to adapt it to our needs. Here are some of the most popular features:

    • Ability to hide the last time you were online (and continue to see the last connection of others).
    • Ability to hide the second tick (also in this case you will see when your messages will be delivered while others will not be able to see when theirs arrive)
    • Ability to hide the blue tick (the one that appears when you read the message, obviously you will continue to see when others read your messages)
    • Ability to hide the last time you were online from a specific contact
    • Restored the ability to call contacts via the cellular network and not via WhatsApp calls
    • The ability to password-lock the entire app or even individual conversations
    • The ability to change the app icon and notifications in the settings menu
    • The ability to download and install different themes
    • The ability to send 90 photos at a time instead of 10
    • The limit for videos has been raised from 16MB to 30
    • The limit for audio clips has been raised from 16MB to 100
    • Ability to hide when viewing one of the new states (you will be able to view them but the contact will not know that you have seen them)
    • Lots of new Emojis added.

    These are just some of the changes most appreciated by the public, using it you will notice many options. We strongly advise you to take a tour of the extensive Privacy menu that you will find in the options.

    You will surely be amazed at how thoroughly you can finally control the personal information you share with your contacts and wonder why many of these useful options are not included in the official version of WhatsApp.

    Is GBWhatsApp safe? Will I be banned from WhatsApp?

    The answer is comfortable: GBWhatsApp is absolutely safe and you don't risk being banned. It is one of the mods born after the bans that plagued the first generation of the modified versions. This second generation is much safer than the previous one and according to the author and the many users it is a Ban test.

    If your Nerd or Geek friend on duty told you that all modified versions of WhatsApp are at risk Ban, tell him he is wrong because we are no longer in the days of WhatsApp Plus: the new mod versions have been safe for about two years. As proof of the security of GBWhatsApp none of the many users has so far reported that they have been banned even temporarily.

    The app also came out of the forge of Xda-developers, a portal that will surely say something to those who have been in the sector for some time. Xda became famous thanks to modding and is the meeting point of the underground scene on Android.

    How to install GBWhatsApp

    Installation is really simple: just a few simple steps are enough switch from the official version to this mod. We will usually examine them in detail so that no one has difficulty:

    • First you need to download the modified version, the current version is 5.40. Find all versions at this address, it is advisable to always download the latest.
    • After downloading you have to uninstall the official version, just go to Settings-> App-> WhatsApp and choose the Uninstall item.
    • At this point you can install the mod you downloaded as a normal apk (if you don't remember any steps, don't worry we have a short guide to installing the apk that can help you).
    • At the end of the installation you can start GBWhatsApp and proceed with the regular recording and restoration of the backup.

    You are done, at this point in place of the official client you have GBWhatsApp! Have fun browsing its menus and finally fully adapt the experience with WhatsApp to your tastes and needs.

    Our post on this great mod version of WhatsApp has come to an end. Let us know with a comment if you have installed GBWhatsApp or another similar mod and how you are.

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