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    You often receive gods funny videos su WhatsApp and, for once, would you like to be the one to send hilarious videos to your contacts? Then you have come to the correct place! There are several sites on the Internet where you can find funny videos of all kinds to download for free and send to whoever you want. The Web is an almost infinite place, so it may be difficult to find the right sites where you can find the videos of your interest. For this reason we have created this guide in which we will list the best sites to find funny photos and videos and, later, we will also show you how share them your WhatsApp!


    One of the best sites containing videos funny to share is definitely 9GAG. The well-known portal is famous all over the world for its contents funny (photos and videos) that entertain millions of users. A great advantage offering 9GAG is definitely the possibility of download and save on your smartphone all the contents displayed and, therefore, to easily share them with friends and relatives. I point out that, if you find it inconvenient to visit the site via browser, you can download the smartphone application, available for free for Android e iOS.


    Another portal to be absolutely taken into consideration is definitely Reddit. As in the case of 9GAG, within the portal you will find many fun contents to share on WhatsApp as well. Also, on Reddit, you will find news of all kinds (news, finance, sport and more), in addition to curiosities. A nice feature of Reddit is to make available to the user different sections, containing photos and videos of a certain category. In your case, if you are looking for funny photos and videos to share, you should head inside the section Funniest Videos. At this point, the only thing left to do is scroll through photos and videos and have a laugh, as well as send the content of your interest to friends and relatives. Also in this case, I would like to point out that Reddit is also available as an app for smartphone, available free for Android e iOS.


    In case you don't know Pinterest, you will absolutely have to fix it! In fact, the well-known portal contains millions of contents of all kinds. Ideas for photos, backgrounds, videos and gift ideas: in short, you will surely find a lot of material interesting! However, if your intent is to search for and view funny photos and videos, all you have to do is type in the words Funny videos or Funny pic. Alternatively, we advise you to follow some profiles humorously themed and doing it is super easy! Once you've found a humorous-themed content that you like, that's enough click on it above and immediately display theuser (and if necessary follow it to always view what it publishes). By doing this simple operation on several photos that you find scattered on Pinterest, you will immediately find yourself following different themed profiles and you will always be updated on their publications! Also for Pinterest, you can download theapplication free, available for Android e iOS.

    Bastards inside

    Another site we want to recommend is Bastards inside, which not only collects videos, but also images, jokes and some ideas to make really special wishes! The only thing you have to do to look for funny videos on this site is to go to the section Video and browse the pages until you find content that is fun for you. All videos are also separated by typology, such as sports, cartoons and animals. If you wish to have the BastardiDentro app, I inform you that it is available for free for Android e iOS.


    One last site that we want to which we recommend the vision is Cracked. The popular American site contains content from each type, from sport to satire. Here too, a bit like all the other sites we have indicated to you, you will find lots of photos and clips funny present on the Web: videos inspired by TV series, cartoons, sports events, and so on.

    How to share funny photos and videos on WhatsApp

    After having listed what, in our opinion, are the sites (and apps) to keep under control if you intend to stay updated on funny photos and videos on a daily basis, the fateful question may arise: How can I download and share a photo or video on WhatsApp? I immediately inform you that there is no need to worry, since it is an extremely simple and fast operation.

    First of all, we recommend that you visit the sites listed above from smartphone (a fairly obvious speech if you make use of their apps), in such a way as to make the sharing operation even faster and more intuitive. Basically, there are two ways to share a photo or video on WhatsApp:

    • Save the video to your device: it is a very simple operation, as you will have to follow a few simple steps. All you have to do, in fact, is keep pressed on the video in question (or on the appropriate share button on the screen), then press on Download o Save video. Subsequently, the video (or photo) will be saved in the gallery and you can comfortably share it your WhatsApp.
    • Share the link: if you do not intend to download the video to your device (perhaps due to memory problems), you can also share the link of the content viewed via browser or from the dedicated app that you intend to show to your friends. All you have to do, then, is to open the video or photo in question, press the relevant button of the sharing e forward it your WhatsApp.

    Our list of sites where you can find funny videos to send on WhatsApp ends here, we hope you can find what you are looking for and have a good laugh!

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