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    Chatwatch: the app that spies on WhatsApp

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    Spying on WhatsApp is a desire of many, but admitted by few: many users contact us asking us for a way to constantly check theLast Access or what a contact does on Whatsapp. If you have already read our mega guide on how to spy on whatsapp but you are not satisfied yet then here you are Chatwatch, the app that pokes its nose in other people's contacts.

    Chatwatch is an app that is that allows you to spy on WhatsApp both on Android that of iOS allowing to obtain information obtainable from the WhatsApp profiles of your contacts. In particular, check:

    • la frequency of access a WhatsApp;
    • la duration of each access;
    • - times where a user is online.

    All invaluable information for jealous partners who want to keep their other half under control, or for friends who want to unmask you from the lies you tell them. In short, if you are looking for something more "sneaky" you should read our in-depth analysis on best apps to spy on WhatsApp.

    An app from 007

    If you think that Chatwatch does "only" what described above, you are very wrong. The beauty of the app is that, by crossing the data of your contacts, it assumes what time a person has gone to sleep, yes be it waken up, and if it has chatted with someone else. In short, you can just say to your partner "I know you talked to this person after you said goodnight!".

    But privacy?

    Joking aside, let's talk about a more serious topic. Is everything the app does legal? Doesn't it violate user privacy? Apparently No., because they are simply used the data available to all such as the status (online or disconnected) and the last login.

    The peculiarity is that, by consulting these data very close to each other, it is possible to obtain real statistics.



    As we have already said Chatwatch uses the information we share with Whatsapp. So the solution to prevent app users from minding our own business is very simple: just don't share this information.

    Therefore, it is sufficient to hide the last access:

    • Open Whatsapp;
    • Go in the settings of the app;
    • Choose the item "Account";
    • Select "Privacy";
    • Under the heading "Last access", Choose"Nobody".

    That way, even if you can't see the last login of others, no one can mind your own business using Chatwatch. We recommend that you read our guide on how to defend yourself from those who spy on WhatsApp.

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    In addition to what is described in this article dedicated to ChatWatch, we have for you another series of interesting and related guides dedicated to the subject and which we report below for completeness.

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